10 Quick SEO Wins for Your Brand New Website


A long-term approach to SEO is required. If you stick to the SEO guidelines, you’ll see your site’s position rise over time. There are, however, a few things you can do with the assistance of SEO Agency Melbourne to speed up the process, such as these 10 SEO fast victories.


Your structured data should be optimized

To assist Google to understand what your content is about, include rich snippets in your site’s HTML. Contextualize these examples:

  • Reviews
  • Products
  • Businesses
  • Recipes

Fix your 404s

Search engine users don’t want to be sent to a 404 error page when they click on your link. A negative user experience and a higher bounce rate are guaranteed as a result of this.

Screaming Frog or a similar tool may be used to scan your site for 404 problems on a regular basis. Make use of these 404 errors to your advantage by converting them into effective backlinks.

Make current pages more effective

Instead of recreating the wheel by concentrating just on new content, you may obtain some rapid SEO wins by improving current sites. SEO best practices require that your pages be optimized for on-page SEO.

Correct your local listings

Google My Business gives you the opportunity to show up in Google’s local search results, which appear above the initial organic results.

You can boost your chances of showing in the top results by making sure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent throughout the web. This data is used by Google to assess your company’s authority and position.

Get a mobile-friendly site

Google has put out two mobile-friendly algorithm adjustments that give preference to websites that are optimized for mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly already, you can get a big SEO win with this strategy. Alternatively, you may engage an SEO Agency in Melbourne to develop a custom responsive theme for you.

Site mentions should be reclaimed

In terms of SEO, links are one of Google’s most important ranking criteria. Reclaiming your current site mentions might provide your link-building efforts a significant boost.

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Use Google Alerts to keep tabs on mentions of your company’s name and products on the Internet. If any of these references come without a link back to your site, get out to the webmaster and urge them to provide one.

Find keywords that are easy to come by and that have high conversion rates

A new keyword can take a long time to optimize and rank for. For a fast SEO victory, you might target keywords that you already nearly rank for.

A query with high impressions but poor CTR may indicate that your title and meta description needs to be optimized to attract more clicks.

Remove any duplicate text

Google needs to decide which of your sites is the most relevant to rank if you have numerous pages carrying the same material. This may have a negative impact on SEO, particularly if the incorrect page is selected.

Fix the issue by scanning your site for duplicate material. Make sure to utilize a canonical tag or 301 redirect whenever you establish a new URL for old content in order to fix internal duplications and enhance SEO.

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Improve site speed

Site speed is a crucial ranking element, thus enhancing it is a great potential. Run Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to check how your site presently sits. The test will provide you with tips to enhance your site performance. Improving your site performance by even a second is important for user experience.

Optimize internal anchor text

Google employs anchor text to identify the content of a page. You may aid Google’s crawlers by making your links more relevant to your content rather than utilizing “Click here.” Don’t cram your anchor text with keywords; instead, make it as descriptive as possible with the help of SEO Agency Melbourne. It’s possible to get into problems with Google if you use a lot of the same keywords in your anchor text.

You may speed up the time it takes to get your new website the exposure it deserves by taking a proactive approach. For more details information about update and news get in touch with Platinum SEO now!

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