10 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Feel Cool


When you’re reading this page, sure you might experience the problems of your air conditioner may not feel cool. If yes, there might be some simple issues or technical faults. In recent days, AC becomes the essential one in almost all residents and commercial space. Keeping the environment cool is the main reason behind the usage of AC. Continue reading this page to know the ten common reasons why an air conditioner may not feel cool. 

1: Air cooling capacity may smaller

If the capacity of the air conditioning is smaller than your room dimension, it means less cool. It may lead to not proper cooling. Check the air conditioner capacity before installing it to the room to opt for the right one that balances the Heating and Cooling condition in the space. 

2: Might the cooler filled with the clog

When the air filter equips with your AC filled with clogs, it highly reduces the cooling capacity. In such cases, conditioned air can’t flow properly through the room. 

3: Coils loaded with dirt and debris

The most common reason why you’re not feeling cool from AC is, the air filters might be unclean and loaded with dust and dirt. It can lead to improper working due to the blocked dirt and debris. 

4: Misplaced AC unit placement

When both the indoor and outdoor units of the AC install improper, it increases the temperature in the room. It affects the Heating and Cooling system in the AC. When sunlight directs to the outdoor unit, it also leads to affect the AC cooling system and shut down altogether. 

5: Leakages in Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a component that cycled between both the indoor and outdoor units. It’s damaged condition lead to leaks. It leads to absorb heat effectively in the room and decrease the cool condition in the room.

6: Improper Thermostat installation

Problems in the thermostat become the main and hidden culprit that affects the Heating and Cooling system. If you have not set the thermostat degree cooler than the room temperature, you can’t feel the cool air. 

7: Broken or faulty Motors

The outdoor unit of the AC will become unable to separate the heat and that interferes with the cooling ability when its motor is broken or faulty. It could also lead to damage to internal components on AC. 

8: When AC remote fails to operate

If the AC remote fails to operate, changing the temperature on the AC unit, you can’t feel the cool atmosphere in the room. 

9: Defects in the air compressor

When the air compressor part on the AC is affected with issues it will not lead the AC to cool properly. 

10: Fail to take annual maintenance

Yearly maintenance is essential for every AC type to wind up cool air in the room. If you fail to do that it gives you surprise breakdowns. 

Final notes

These are some common issues that affect the AC to cool properly. Find the exact problem behind the errors in your AC as quickly as possible to service it. 

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