5 Myths You need to know before buying Ink Cartridges


Many people have different ideas and thoughts about compatible toner cartridges. Others know little about compatible cartridges. As a typical user of compatible toner cartridges for fifteen years, we have got found many things that don’t seem to be true. I’d wish to review five myths or misconceptions about compatible laser ink cartridges. Let’s distinguish between fact and literature.

Myth # 1 Compatible toner cartridges are just cheap cartridges.

It is true that compatible toner cartridges are cheaper in price. However, this can be not an inexpensive quality buy cheap ink cartridges Melbourne. Compatible toner cartridges are new toner cartridges manufactured by third parties. it’s made of all new parts. It contains the precise toner needed for your electrostatic printer.

Most companies offer one year, 100 per cent refund guarantee on their compatible toner cartridges. you’ll usually buy a compatible toner cartridge for about half the worth of a replacement OEM toner cartridge.

Myth # 2 Employing a compatible toner cartridge will void my printer’s warranty.

That’s not true. In fact, government has passed a law that creates it illegal for a manufacturer to force you to shop for certain supplies. If approved, this could cause monopolies, high prices and a lack of competition. Below may be a copy of the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Amendment Act.”

this is often your guarantee that your printer’s warranty won’t be revoked any warranty of the patron product, upon the utilization of the customer in respect to such product, might not be conditional on any article or service (except goods and services provided for gratis under the terms of the warranty. written or implied warranty) which Known by brand, trade or corporate name unless the ban on this subdivision shall be waived by the Commission if:

1) the identified article or service are employed in conjunction with the warranty product only the warranty satisfies the commission that the warranty product will function properly, and

2) The Commission feels that such exemption is within the public interest. ”

Myth # 3 Compatible toner cartridge will damage my printer.

The truth is that toner cartridges can do little to break an electrostatic printer. it’s possible for a toner cartridge to leak and streak on your paper, but it’s highly unlikely. However, easy cleaning and replacement of the toner cartridge will solve the matter.

In my fifteen years of using compatible ink cartridges, I had only 1 instance where a toner cartridge didn’t meet my high expectations. I called the corporate and that they sent me a brand new cartridge the following day. I learned from this experience that it’s important to shop for your toner cartridges from reputable toner companies. what number of companies have sent you a brand new replacement product the subsequent day without hesitation?

Myth # 4 Compatible toner cartridges produce poor quality prints.

My initial fear in buying a compatible toner cartridge was that the print quality wouldn’t be so good. once I used my first compatible toner cartridge, it produced exceptionally good quality. I assumed it wouldn’t work. I used to be wrong. In fact, I printed more pages thereupon cartridge than my original. After thorough research, I found that a lot of toner cartridges don’t seem to be completely full of toner after you pip out. I bought the cartridge from a corporation that filled the cartridge completely. So, I got more pages.

In fairness to the main printer companies, we need to form one thing clear. We have got been using OEM toner cartridges for several years. I have always been accustomed print the number of pages advertised by the manufacturers. There was no fraud in their advertising. Some people don’t fill their toner cartridges to capacity.

Myth # 5 All compatible toner cartridges are identical.

The truth is that not all compatible ink cartridges in Melbourne are made identical. that’s why you must only buy your cartridges from a reputable and reputable company. These companies test their compatible toner cartridges to ensure print quality and quantity. you’ll be able to visit our website to understand ten stuff you must understand buying a web-compatible toner cartridge.

If you would like to halve your printing budget and still get prime quality prints please do yourself a favour. Find a reputable online toner dealer and order your compatible toner cartridge today. To know more details to contact Ink House Direct.

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