8 GMB Photo Tips For Better Local SEO Rankings


The Google My Business listing is one of the most significant Local SEO possibilities that businesses overlook. By ranking in search engines’ results, a well-maintained GMB profile significantly boosts your local organic exposure.

Perhaps the most notable error from this potentially lucrative business profile is the photographs segment. The appropriate Google My Business image approach may significantly boost Local SEO organic traffic and income from the world’s largest search engine. Our top eight tips for enhancing your Google My Business pictures are listed below:

1. Utilize High-Quality Photographs

This may seem self-evident, yet it is something that a surprising number of corporations fail to accomplish. While it’s important to rapidly add photos to your GMB to attract clients, if those images aren’t of great quality or attractive, they won’t benefit you in the long term. Assemble your photos following Google’s rules and best practices.

2. Include Photographs That Demonstrate Your Business

How frequently have you visited a business’s Google listing and only discovered an outside photo of the building? That is not only annoying but also unhelpful to a prospective consumer. You must include photographs of the business’s interior and outside taken from various angles and at different times of the day.

3. Regularly Update Images

Many individuals believe that after you’ve added information and photographs to your listing, you’re finished, which is far from reality. Google uses an algorithm to select which companies remain at the top of search results, and they always prefer businesses with an active GMB.

4. Optimize Your Image’s Data

Optimizing the information included in photographs, referred to as EXIF data, is a critical component of good SEO. To do this, you need always rename each image before uploading it to Google with the appropriate keywords. Additionally, wherever feasible, you should provide tags and captions with your photographs.

5. Review Images Added by the Public

If you’re new to Google My Business, you might be surprised to learn that consumers can upload photographs to your listing. Google accomplishes this to ensure that whoever views your page receives an accurate representation of your business by displaying pictures taken by the owner and actual customers.

This certainly has some drawbacks, such as when consumers share unpleasant images or when someone uploads a photo that has nothing to do with your business. Hence, frequent reviews are mandatory.

6. Avoid Use of Irrelevant Photographs

This is especially critical if Google built your company listing automatically before you claimed it. Google will extract photos that it believes are relevant to your business, which is frequently not optimal. Increase the number of new, updated photographs to ensure that your images are presented first to customers, not Google’s.

7. Make the Most of User-Generated Content

According to research, user-generated content generates about 30% higher engagement than brand-generated material. Individuals are more likely to believe testimonials from other consumers. When you find a photo you like that has been shared on your GMB by another user, write them a note to express your gratitude for taking the time to visit and share.

8. Complete Your Product and Service Offerings

The products section is now one of the most prominent components of a fully designed GMB. Google displays your items in a carousel-style layout, which will undoubtedly increase views, calls, and sales. You are required to classify, add photographs, descriptions, and CTA’s to these product profiles, so take advantage of this opportunity.

If you’re diligent about consistently adhering to all of these Local SEO GMB guidelines, your exposure and business will benefit. Get in teach with us!

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