A Brief Discussion About Pet Tags


When you bring a new furry friend into your home, one of the most important things you can do to keep them safe is to make and put custom pet tags on their collar. According to research, one-third of pets get lost at some point in their lives, so dog owners should take all the precautions they can to keep their pets safe in case they get lost.

Why are tags so crucial for pets?

Tags are the only way to tell who your dog is. A dog’s best chance of getting back to its owner if it slips its leash or gets out of the door or yard is to have a visible Pet tag and the all-important microchip.

Since our pets can’t talk for themselves, a visible pet tag is the best and quickest way for you to be contacted if your dog gets lost. The same is valid for cats, especially those who go outside (even indoor cats should have some ID in case of an emergency). And if they lose their collar, a pet microchip is a good backup so that you can be contacted when your dog is found.

What Should Be Written on the Pet tags?

The following information should be on the pet name tags in Australia for your dog:

  • What is your dog’s name?
  • How to get in touch with you. Please give two numbers, so that if someone can’t reach you at your first number, they can try the other one. Don’t forget to include the area code, either.
  • Your email address.
  • Your full home address, including the city and street number, or just the city if you don’t want to give your complete address.
  • Your dog’s tag can say if they have a medical problem or if they are microchipped. If your dog gets lost and someone finds them, this extra information will help.
  • If you want, you can attach a second tag with information about the company that made the microchip, your pet’s ID number, or the company’s phone number.
  • Your name can be written on the tag.

These are some of the most important things you can put on your pet’s tag. You can also add any other information that could be helpful to the person who finds your dog. You can give your pet’s vet information if you want if your dog has allergies or other health problems. This will help the person who finds your dog take care of it until you get back together.

When do you need a pet tag?

When you get a new pet, one of the first things you should do is get pet tags for it. The sooner your pet has pet tags, the better. Since new pets won’t know their way around the neighbourhood and may be nervous and confused during their first few days in a new place, it’s essential to put your pet tags on their collar as soon as you bring them home.

No matter how old your dog is, set up the proper forms of identification as soon as you can. Do everything you can to keep your pet from getting lost, but having Pet tags that are easy to see is the fastest and easiest way to help your pet find its way back to you if it gets lost. Buy the tag that fits your pet and your needs the best. You can choose from different colours and shapes, like bone, oval, and heart-shaped tags.

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