Basics of the Health and Safety Management System


The development management system is a key for developing a healthier and safer workplace. Irrespective of the company’s size and nature of work, it is mandatory to follow a health and safety management system. It is a legal need for the company to have formal health and safety management system.

But, many companies do not know the importance of the health and safety management plans and the basics involved in this system. It makes them confront so many troubles in incorporating the H&S management system. Scroll down the page to know the basics of this system.

What is a safety and health management system?

An H&S management system indicates the part of the company’s management system that occurs.

  • The safety and healthy work organization and policy in the firm
  • The line management responsibilities
  • The planning process for the ill health and accident prevention
  • The practices, resources, and procedures for developing, implementing, maintaining, and reviewing the safety and health policy

Major requirements of the H&S management system


Each organization should set out its policy for ensuring the safety and health of its employees. This document is often called a statement of intent, which the business owners commit to. It contains more than a single statement.

It has several paragraphs which demonstrate the management has accepted their roles and responsibilities for employee safety. It means using safe equipment, rendering proper personal protective equipment, and training are the vital aspects of the health and safety management policy.

Organizational competence

The overview of the organizational competence forms a vital part of the H&S management system in any organization. This document showcases the importance of laying out workplace training required to ensure the safety procedure is understood and followed properly. With the appropriate organizational competence, you will ensure all your employees obtain the proper safety training.

Usually, the organizational competence document has the points – the type of training offered to employees, how employees get training, how employees are inducted into the firm, and awareness training about fire evacuation and safety.

Competence matrix

Every company should find the exact requirement in the form of training and find how employees will obtain the training. It is extremely important to draw the competence matrix. This simple document has the name of all the employees and the training they require.

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You can use the competence matrix as the planning and budgeting tool. It helps your business in rendering the workplace safety and health. You can schedule the courses for employees and follow them appropriately.

Planning and risk assessment

In modern health and safety management, risk assessment plays a vital role. It is a major planning tool helping to find the workplace hazards involved in doing the specific task and consider the potential risk from those hazards.

As soon as the hazards and risks have been found, take additional control measures such as staff training, an inspection of tools and equipment, and give personal protective equipment such as goggles to employees.

Monitoring the performance

Remember that implementing the safety and health management plan is not enough to ensure everything is on the right path. It is mandatory to do regular safety inspections. You can carry out this inspection every month to easily spot unsafe practices and conditions.

The major examples of unsafe conditions which have a hazard in the workplace are poor housekeeping, blocked fire exits, and unguarded equipment. On the other hand, find the unsafe practices in which the employees indulge, such as smoking in undesignated areas and accessing the equipment without the right protective gear.

Finally, in the health and safety management plans, you should review the whole system annually to find the risks and solve them immediately. With this system, you will enhance your company’s safety and health performance and reduce the cost associated with the accidents. To know more information about our range of services, visit our professional website and be better positioned for success.

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