Can images really help you get backlinks and stronger link building?


An image is worth a thousand words they say. This means that adding 10 images can help you get a 10,000-word article and 100 images a novel. Jokes apart! We, humans, love images. But images are what often get ignored when it comes down to SEO and link building. Big companies go for link building services (Australia) and small players do it by themselves through text content. But data is that images actually help in boosting a website’s link building efforts. We spoke to PLB about it – Know more about PerfectLinkBuilding Australia – and it revealed to us some hidden secrets about images.

Good images help create links – both in the real world and the digital world!

Using images as a link building strategy!

When it comes to e-shopping, images become a baseline for it. There will be no e-commerce website if we remove all the images from the internet. We ourselves have searched for a term and opened Google Images to have a quick look for the product we are seeking. Not only this, we even search for generic terms and then open the image section to look for a perfect website. The data was that mobile image search had grown by over 60% from 2016 to 2018. And if we look at 2022, more people are searching for things using Google Images. All hail to the upgrade in the A.I. technology. But how actually do images help in getting more links? And do these links surpass the benefits of link building services Australia?

1 – How do images help in link building?

To understand how images help in link building, we must first understand how link building and SEO work.

Link Building is an attempt to create a network of similar seeming content over the internet. It works at creating a pool of related knowledge. This helps in getting knowledge in depth. This strategy is very similar to how things work in real life. If we just look at how humans create a community we will get our answer.

The psychology behind link building!

Humans have a natural tendency to form social circles. These social circles represent a belief system and possess a hierarchy. Hierarchy is how human society gets formed. The expert stays at the top and the disciples stay below the expert. This forms a tree-like structure. For a person to get to the top, there are certain challenges that are required to be passed. For example, a person must form ties with other people, more ties than even the expert at the top has. Furthermore, it must get support from other experts. This helps in passing a share of the strength. And once the time gets right, a novel brain topples the already-formed expert and becomes the new authority.

This same thing happens in the digital world. Consider websites like different persons representing different beliefs. It requires expert knowledge and better ties (backlinks) to topple the current authority and rank higher on the SERP. Know more about PerfectLinkBuilding Australia and how it helps in getting better at link building.

Use of images in Link Building!

We do not just read text but cherish looking at images too. When we write an article, we write it in an attempt to convey an idea with more emphasis. Different forms of communication get used to convey this idea to create an emphasis. For example, the use of video, text, audio, java, or images. The more relevant these forms of communication are to the overall message, the better it is for a website to rank. When we use relevant images in the content, we create an impact. When people love images they see, they share them. This sharing of images helps create links. Furthermore, these images get optimised and thus get recommended based on how they have been optimised. Thus, a website gets many visitors through google image search too.

But now all images help in link building. So, how to handle images that help in better link building?

2 – Types of Images that help in better link building!

Images are a great way to convey an idea without saying a lot. Such is its power that people often create caricatures to speak volumes upon volumes in politics. Using images is not enough. If you just observe some tactics used by link building services (Australia) you’ll notice that there are certain things that get done to choose the right image. Here are the types of images that can help you get more backlinks!

2.1 – Infographics!

Infographics are a great way to convey the data without even writing lengths and lengths of sentences. If you can convey something in fewer words then why not? Infographics are the type of images that use smart arts and data to speak about a subject. They could be used in almost anything but are most often used in these areas –

  • Statistics
  • recipes
  • process
  • pros and cons
  • comparisons

And when someone loves a piece of an infographic, it gets shared immediately. This helps in getting lots of attention and natural backlinks furthermore.

2.2 – Event Images!

These are the pictures that are from an event. For example, if you deal in fashion industry then know that images will be your very soul. It will act as the spine of your overall efforts. Another example is a literature website using images of writers doing their chores or in an event. These images get instant sharing on the social media.

2.3 – Photos of products and services!

If you deal in e-Commerce, know that you won’t be able to make it without product images. The whole industry of e-Commerce stands upon images. We want to see more and more images we can of a product or a service we are thinking of buying. For example, if you are planning to buy a water bottle and have a rough idea of what you are looking for, you will open Google images and scroll through many bottles out there.

Know that product images must be correctly optimised to work. Take care of proper title, tags, alt. text, description, meta description, etc.

2.4 – Graphs and maps!

If you are trying to convey some statistics or other data that could be conveyed through a graph, do it. Graphs are visually informative and more impactful than text. Apart from graphs, maps are another things that can help you get more backlinks. People can directly share a map or a graph and it can help your website get backlinks.

These are some of the strategies that top link building services in Australia and around follow. However, know that it is a small chunk of the overall efforts that get put to help a website get ranked higher on SERP. This is why it generally gets advised to hire professional services. The competition is high and you might not want to ruin your business idea with naivety. Know more about PerfectLinkBuilding Australia and how it has been helping business giants get 300-400% more revenue over competitors.

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