Celebrating Diwali in A Corporate Atmosphere


For people in India, Diwali is one of the most important festivals. Everyone would look forward to October and November for enjoying this festival season. In olden days, people in India think of lots of factors like decorating the room, preparing sweets and other snacks and several other ways to celebrate the festival. Even now, the same trend is followed in most of the regions in India. However, when it comes to the corporate set up, they plan something innovatively for making the best out of the day. Here are some ways how the festival is celebrated in the corporate atmosphere in India.

Music and dance 

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. Everyone likes to hear the music and sing. They are bad at singing. Music plays a vital role in happy and sad moments. In such cases, how can a Diwali celebration get over with having music and dance? So they prepare an album composing all the favorite and most suitable songs for the people in the team. Some sing and some dance to make the day more fulfilling. If possible, they can also conduct some fun games to make the day interesting.

Distributing sweets 

Every festival aims for sharing love and affection. Sweet is a symbol of joy and love. So they prepare and bring several varieties of sweets and distribute it to the others in the team. Generally, the company will also offer sweet boxes, and you can add your sweets with it to make you enjoy the happiness.

Pot lunch 

Pot lunch is one of the common ways of celebrating unity in the corporate environment. It is the culture where everyone will bring one of the food items for the others in the team. So, everyone would taste every dish prepared in different homes. The people who are staying in PGs can try to offer the ice cream, beeda, etc. So, they can also take part in the pot lunch.

Decorating the office 

Having a decorative and appealing space is a great way to celebrate the festival. You will have lots of factors to decorate the office. In such a list, you can also decorate the office to make it colorful with the color paper and other designs. When space around is colorful and attractive, it will automatically change your mind and bring a sense of the celebration. You can also wear ethnic wear and look amazing to bring the Diwali moment.

Have a day out

Though you are in corporate life, spending one day out will be a great choice to celebrate the festival. You can plan for a team or dinner based on your convenience. When it is outdoors, you can have a chance to bust the crackers as well. So, you may not miss out on the crucial factor of the Diwali celebration.

Wrapping it up

Everyone will be excited to celebrate the festival of light, Diwali. Just because you are in the corporate industry, it does not mean that you leave the fun. Follow these ways and make the best celebration at the festival.

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