Delicious Indian Fusion Dessert Recipes with Gulab Jamun

Delicious Indian Fusion Dessert Recipes with Gulab Jamun


Are you a super fan of trying Indian Fusion Dessert Recipes?

Then this article is in the right corner for you to explore some delicious. When talking about the most luscious and everyone’s favorite sweet, it is Gulab jamun. There are no haters for this delicacy and it spreads sweet vibes once you taste it. Imagine how it will delight you if it is made with some other countries’ cuisines. You will be melt for it, which gives a super flavorful feel when comes with a few more delicacies.

Do you wanna enjoy the best flavorsome luscious desserts? Go with the below lines that have the flavorsome recipe ideas to make it a party stunner. So let your tooth experience them happily!

Gulab Jamun Thandai Mousse

You know what? Gulab jamun thandai mousse is one of the trendy Indian Fusion Dessert Recipes. It can make special occasions wow with its unexpected combination. This stunning masterpiece is made up of two recipes. One is thandai mousse, it made with heavy whipped cream mixed with thandai masala. Add agar agar to set this mousse, and it stays light and fluffy. Also, they won’t easily make it melt or collapse. The second one is Gulab jamun, which can buy it from the store.

After buying them or making them at home, dive into the layers of soft and moist. Sure, this dessert didn’t fail to satisfy your mouth.

Gulab Jamun Shrikhand Bowls

Wanna experience the most luscious Indian Fusion Dessert Company’s best recipe? Go with these mini dessert bowls to make a party stunner. It is an easy festive dessert that actually combines with the tangy creamy shrikhand. Adding Gulab jamun with it is a heavy combination, and you can’t forget this sweet experience ever. All you have to make instant Shrikhand using Greek yogurt. Along with that add store-bought gulab jamuns. Simply assemble in mini bowls or mini glasses.

Simple two ingredients let you enjoy and flavored it with saffron, cardamom, and chopped pistachio. Ensure the gulab janums are softer.

Gulab Jamun Tiramisu

Many love to state the fusion of Indian desserts; do your beloved family and friends love it? go with this Gulab jamun tiramisu. These two will make a wonderful festive dessert. What’s special in the delicious? Tiramisu meets gulab jamun and the layers of rose-flavored mascarpone cheese topped with coffee-soaked gulab jamun. Just garnish it with the gold leaves and spread pistachios to make a delightful dessert.

Combining these seemed a good idea, and you will surely enjoy it after transferring them to another glass and refrigerating.

Gulab Jamun Custard Jars

Looking for the most impressive dessert to mesmerize your family? Go with the Gulab jamun custard jars, which dessert is layered with the goodness of the cookie crumble. Along with them, creamy cooling custard, and sweet gulab jamun will make everyone crave for it. Add silvered pistachios and rose petals, which become an exotic dessert. Undoubtedly, it can be your favorite once you taste it, and the layered dessert in mini jars makes an amazing vibe.

Most importantly, creamy cooling custard combined with sweet gulab jamun is a heavenly combination. Just enjoy this delectable Indian fusion dessert to hit on special days.

Gulab Jamun Trifle

Try this Gulab Jamun Trifle after a meal, which will be a perfect find to admire your dear family. With so many interesting fusion desserts, it is incredible to try at home. You can make it with the basic gulab jamun, custard, and chocolate sponge cake or vanilla sponge cake. Assemble the gulam jamuns bites, use sponge cake next top, and drizzle with chasni. Use the taller serving glass, which will be fine, and continue the later of each as well.

Wrapping up

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