Difference between SEO specialist, TECH SEO specialist, & content writer


Are you looking for an SEO in Ahmedabad? But confused about the work process between SEO specialist, TECH SEO specialist, and content writer. Well, these professionals work effectively to increase your business traffic and enhance your organic revenue.
However, it is essential for you to know the major difference between these 3 specialists.

What’s the role of an SEO Specialist or expert in marketing?
SEO specialists are known as the marketing professionals who help to improve your business’s website ranking on search engines. They use various relevant keywords and research methods and analyse the content. These professionals give focus on the search engine queries related to your service and insert relevant keywords into your business website, which results in displaying content to your web users. In general, SEO specialists work effectively in in-house marketing departments or in digital marketing agencies.

Things that you can expect from the SEO specialist
There are certain important things that you can expect from your SEO expert in Ahmedabad, such as:

  • Gives you a better SEO strategy
  • Align other stakeholders to the SEO strategy
  • Have an understanding of SEO strategy performance and able to monitor daily performance metrics

What’s the role of a content writer in marketing?

Content writers help to create effective written material for different websites and other media platforms to promote the product and engage more audiences with the service. They work closely with the content team, including project managers, marketing professionals, and executive officers. A company usually provides specific content requirements and specific style guides to the content writers that they need to follow while writing content.

Moreover, it has been identified that content writers are the pillars of improving search engine optimization that drives more sales and web traffic. These professionals involve actionable and clear ways to explain topics. Here, the overlaps can be seen between the content writer and SEO in Ahmedabad, where there is no content without the role of SEO and no SEO without the role of content.

Things that you can expect from the content writers

  • Write landing page copy with the knowledge of product angles
  • Writes effective and engaging content to promote your services or product

What’s the role of a technical SEO specialist in marketing?

A technical SEO specialist is different from an SEO expert in Ahmedabad. These professionals usually figure out, do planning and execute technical SEO, including site migration, site architecture, and redesigns. They identify current issues and opportunities and go through detailed website analysis with focusing on site architecture, crawlability, and relevance of keywords. Moreover, these professionals used to have proper training or must have a technical background to proceed with the work. Additionally, they have to work with other engineers to finish all the recommended technical audits.

Things that you can expect from the technical SEO

  • Provides the best practices for the implementation of Technical SEO recommendations with the training of the technical resources
  • Have an understanding of SEO strategy performance by monitoring daily performance metrics.
  • Ensures all the pages or funnels are indexed properly on the search engines by managing the sitemap.In short, it can be said that technical SEO is one part of SEO. If you are looking for the growth of your business through digital marketing, then considering these three professions can do the work well. Thus, having a good understanding of these 3 professionals and their differences can make you able to make the right decision.

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