Do you need a Spill Response Trailer? – Spill kits and Pallets!


We do not deal with spills every day. They are there for the days when you might need them the most. They are like angels that keep on sitting in the corner, until one final day when their need arrives. But to ensure that these angels are there ready when you need them the most, you must take care of a few things. If you deal in an industry or compound that is giant, you might need proper spill kits. General Spill kits must be there, but there should be much more. You might want to look for the best spill pallets in Australia if you deal in drums and liquids. You might also want to ensure the best flammable storage cabinet, Australia if you deal in flammable materials. But there is something more. What about the Spill Response Trailer?

Spill Response Trailer and best Spill Pallets!

So what is a Spill Response Trailer? Imagine this situation — your working area has a large vicinity. You have put spill kits at places, but still there is some space between those kits. You are worrying about a situation where a spill might happen and no spill kits nearby. This is where a trailer comes in. It is a small trailer, just like those you attach behind a car to carry stuffs! Do not confuse spill pallets (in Australia) with a spill trailer? They are different.

A Spill Response Trailer makes your spill kits mobile. This makes sure that you have means available to bring kits to the affected site at some pace. So what are the situations where a spill response trailer comes useful?

Situations where a Spill Response Trailer becomes vital!

  • A large spill has happened and you need many different kits to handle the spill.
  • You have a large working space and to put spill kits everywhere is costing you some.
  • When a spill has happened on the road, you need to contain it quickly.
  • Any other place that requires spill containment but has no spill kit around.

A Spill Response Trailer must have these items in it!

So what all should a spill response trailer contain? The best spill pallets? No! The list of items could go beyond the horizon, but there are some basics that need to be made available. Here is the list to have:

  • A general purpose spill kit to contain basic spillage:
    • Super absorbent booms to spread on the boundary and contain the spillage within the site.
    • Super Absorbent Pads to collect the spread on the floor.
    • Loose Absorbent Floor sweep to spread over an uneven surface where pads are not working.
    • Waste Bags, Gloves, Manuals, etc.
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This includes
    • A gown
    • Set of Gloves
    • Shoe covers
    • Goggles
    • Face Mask and cover
  • Reflective Barriers and safety tapes.
  • Flash lights to use in emergency situations.
  • Brooms and Rakes to sweep off the loose absorbent floor sweep.
  • High Visibility Vests to protect any mishaps to the workforce.

You cannot put the best spill pallets (in Australia) in it. Spill Pallets are for the working area where you need them. They are to protect in advance. The best flammable storage cabinet (Australia) also needs to be there already to store the flammable material. It is mandatory.

So now you know what a spill response trailer is. Assess your work area and decide if you need a spill trailer or not. If you do, do not hesitate to buy one. It might cost you one time, but it will ensure any major tragedy. A spill trailer is like an ambulance that can reach the site of a mishap. And you know the importance of an ambulance. So, ensure the safety of your workforce, environment, and your business by buying a spill trailer!

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