Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant


These days, hair fall and loss of hair through different means is one of the commonly faced issues by most of the people. With the development of technology, there are certain solutions for all the issues faced by the people. So, do you think medical technology will leave people helpless with these hair issues? Yes! There is certain hair transplant treatment available from the leading clinics. However, people are suffering from lots of queries with this hair transplant treatment. Are you one in the group? Here, you can find a list of frequently asked questions by people. Checkout to know more about it!

1. Who can have hair transplant treatment? 

Hair transplant is advisable for men and women. However, most men choose to have treatment due to different factors. Hair transplant will result successfully when you have at least 50% of hair in your head. So, hair from one part of the head can be transplanted to the other part where there is baldness.

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2. How long will the treatment take? 

Unless you visit the clinic and have a discussion from the specialist, it is not possible to know the exact time you will know for the hair transplantation. It completely depended on the hairless area in the head. When the baldness is too much, it will probably take time.  However, you will be given anaesthesia when you are under the treatment.

3. Will I have additional hair fall after the procedure?

It should be clear, and you should understand that the hair transplant is for giving the hair transplant in the bald area, and it is not the treatment for stopping the loss of hair. However, the surgeon will treat and offer the right drug and medication for the intense hair fall.  Even if you lose more hair, you can move for the second treatment as well.

4. Is the treatment painful?

When you are undergoing hair transplant treatment, you will have some discomfort in the area.  However, with the help of the anaesthetic that is injected on the scalp, you will not feel the pain.  You will be tested, and the right amount and type of anaesthetic will be given.

5. When can I wash the hair after the transplantation?

It is the cosmetic treatment, and you will become normal as soon as the treatment gets over. So, when you are completing, you can return and have the hair wash even every next day of the treatment.

6. Should I use a cap?

It is advisable to use the cap for a week till the crusts fall off. If you do not wish to use the cap, you will be given the special keratin powder. This will help in hiding the graft.  Discuss with the specialist, and this will give you a clear idea.

The bottom line

Having clear information on the treatment is the best way for proceeding with it. So, these are the common questions that most people come with doubts. Understand these vital factors for the best outcome with the hair transplant treatment.

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