Home Maintenance Every Household Needs to Know 


Your home is where your heart is. It means you are putting so much value in your home to the extent that you keep it in its very best condition.

No one likes to stay home to a house full of problems—we mean physical problems that refer to structures that need frequent repair. That’s why, as a homeowner, you strive to keep your house in shape, with no bad leaks, warping roofs, cracked walls, and so on.

How important is home maintenance? Let’s find out.

Why Home Maintenance Is Important

1. Saves you money  

Small problems piled up may become big and unmanageable. If you think you’re wrong spending carelessly on minor repairs, regret shouldn’t come into your mind. Minor repairs can be any of the following:

  • Old pipes uninspected for a long time may rot and disintegrate until they are no longer usable.
  • Leaky faucets
  • Clogged gutters on the roof
  • Broken or warped roof tiles
  • Fading wall paint due to attic leaks
  • Erratic HVAC system.

It won’t hurt to have the filters of your HVAC system cleaned from time to time, have your roof checked, get your rusty old pipes replaced, change tile flooring on messy bathrooms, and many more that need your attention before they get worse.

If you have to buy a replacement for any house component that’s troubling you, it’s smarter than you know because you saved more money in the long run than engaging in a costly and massive home repair.

2. Improves quality of living

Imagine the comfort of living in a home free of damage. Though it sounds unrealistic as even newly built homes have damages, living around in a pest-free home, quiet space due to fixed noisy doors, fans, and every part that creates noise, intact electrical wires, well-maintained plumbing, and solid roofing and foundation is a joy to cherish day by day.

3. Increases your home’s value 

The value of a home keeps appreciating with time. The longer you own a house, the more it could increase its worth. However, even if you have complete amenities like pool and golf simulator, a poorly maintained home may not attract buyers if you have plans on reselling it..

On the other hand, well-maintained homes, which are repainted regularly and checked for issues from time to time, will have a higher chance in the market.

Regular Home Maintenance 

You can prevent costly repairs when you come up with monthly maintenance on your home. The good thing is most of these are DIY-friendly chores that only require the usual household tools and cost very little to perform. So, here are some of the things you need to do to regularly maintain your home:

1. Roof plumbing 

Roof maintenance can be critical in protecting your home investment. It’s not something you think about very often, but little did you know, there are always roof and guttering issues that could arise over time. You need to call a plumber when you need roof flashing and rainwater disposing services. Effective water runoff keeps your gutter system in good condition.

A home plumber service is essential and extremely required in maintaining homes, ensuring that no damages may occur from rapid downpours.

2. Bathroom renovations 

A bathroom renovation does not necessarily need to reconstruct the entire bathroom. However, some contractors may remodel the bathroom and start from scratch, depending on what you want and your budget. They will try to assess your bathroom needs for new features or replace the shower or vanity to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. Your plumber will also assess what needs to be saved and what needs to be kept.

Here are some bathroom renovations you need to know:

● Leaks around toilet and sink

Any sign of water in your bathroom where it shouldn’t be must be solved. Minor leaks may cost hundreds of dollars every year if you will not fix it.

● Enhancement of the storage space

Improving the storage space can also help you maintain the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Perhaps you can have open shelving, vanity, and storage to use for your bathroom implements.

● Bathtub and shower maintenance 

Remnants of soap, debris, and soap that are not rinsed down the drain may harden the surface of your shower and bathtub from forming a residue. This will tarnish the tub surface if residues are not thoroughly removed. Regular cleaning of the bathtub and shower will keep your bathroom in pristine condition.

3. Water tanks or heater maintenance

Calcium build-up can be common in water heaters. It is a major contributor to making the system less efficient. It makes it more difficult for the water heater to produce hot water when calcium build-up hardens on the bottom of the water heater.

If you also have an electric water heater, mineral sediments could probably cause the lower heating element to fail. Therefore, maintaining and flushing the sediments help your water heater increase its efficiency.

4. Inspection of HVAC system filters

Regular HVAC inspections are very important to keep the longevity of your AC and heating system. These are also one way of monitoring the system’s efficiency. A thorough inspection is needed to reduce the chances of not having heat or cold when you need it. Clean air filters regularly too.

5. Testing of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors 

There should also be a monthly test for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to know if you need to change the batteries. Fire experts advise you to test your smoke alarms at least once a month because these are life-saving devices.

6. Door lock maintenance 

Aside from making sure your doors at home are properly locked, make sure that your door locks are also functioning well.

If you need to regularly maintain your door locks, there are locksmith jobs in Sydney that will help you keep your locks working. These locksmiths are experts in their field, especially during emergency locking.

Key Takeaway 

When you buy a home, there’s more to do and handle than just sitting there comfortably. As it will be your permanent place to live, keeping these reminders on home maintenance will provide you safety and security.

Home improvement, home renovation and home maintenance are three different things. You only improve if there are issues to fix, but you renovate if you want to upgrade. As for home maintenance, it is keeping your home clean, free of damage, comfortable, and safe to live in.

Well-maintained homes are priceless possessions to keep (unless you sell them!). Proper maintenance is your key to a lasting livable home.




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