How Could You Identify The Right Barber Melbourne?


Imagine, you are in a new town for an important interview in a couple of days and you walk out of a salon like a pillock after an awkward haircut. Getting a good haircut is essential but the pursuit of the right Barber Melbourne is a hard row to hoe. Shaping and styling your hair is more crucial than you think because it is the only ornament you can’t change every day and once it’s gone, it’s gone! And doing costly surgeries or having a wig will be the remedy.  Without doing it at least once in two months you’ll struggle with split ends and other troubles. In addition, it enhances your confidence and reveals your personality. Before that, you need to hire the one with exceptional skills and knowledge to deal with your needs.

Inquire People Around

Ask your kith and kin or any natives of that area about their haircut experience.  Especially, When you find someone with a good-looking haircut, never hesitate to ask them about where they regularly cut their hair. If someone is really satisfied with a barber he’ll feel happy to suggest one.

Search On Social Media

Nowadays, there are many social media sites like Google and Instagram where you can find almost anything you want. Find results for something like “Barbers near me” and explore all. Make sure you follow the official page and beware of the fake profiles and photoshops. To make images look more attractive, people upload images with a lot of edits that are not always real. Check out for reviews and ratings before you visit the salon in person.

Interact With Clients

A good barber, before he begins to start, will ask questions like, what type of haircut do you want? What are the hair products you use? Which model’s haircut do you like the most?. He starts only after completely understanding his customers’ expectations. Considering his customers’ happy satisfaction, a good barber asks for feedback frequently after each move during the haircut to avoid any undesirable results. This interaction will instill a high level of confidence in the barber’s skills. A lot of clients and a barber’s busy schedule is directly proportional to his skills.

Test His Knowledge

If you are new to a salon, don’t let the barber experiment with your hair at once. Ask him some basic questions like, where would you cut your hair? and what type of tool do you use for XYZ haircut?. A professional barber can give you a professional answer but a derelict won’t. But, you can’t just remove the haircut cape and move out of the salon. Also, you can’t let your hair fall prey. Instead, you can judge him by asking him to do a short trim.

Stay In Trend

A pro will stay up-to-date on hair products, haircuts and technologies.  He’ll have all types of tools in his salon and be aware of all of its functionality. Even if he doesn’t possess the one you needed, instead of making over with the available tools he’ll be honest and admit it. Most barbers are entrepreneurs and they have their salons because they wish to go with their style and don’t want to abide by their boss’ rules.

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Cleanliness Maintained By Barber Melbourne

No customer would like to see remnants of hair in the barber chair or other places of the salon. Customers anticipate perfection, they won’t like to see a barber in a shabby outfit or their tools jumbled at different places. Good barbers disinfect or sterilize their tools after each haircut. Moreover, they’ll have a neat bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Having a good barber, with extensive hair knowledge and who knows very well about the texture and complexities of your hair is a boon. Do not forget to check out Barber Melbourne which might be the place you are looking for. We at Biba Academy have the best hair salon engaged with professionals to serve you the best. No more bad hair days! Our people will be always here to observe your needs and provide the services accordingly. Compliment even a simple suit with a good-looking hairstyle!

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