How is Goat Leather Different From Other Types of Leather?


It is a common question asked by everyone, what is the difference between goat leather and other leather? Goat leather, by its name, may be familiar to most of the people but not as much in detail. Goatskin is a type of leather that is known to be the most resilient type of leather, based on strength, softness, lightweight qualities, etc. It is used to make shoes, gloves, apparel, and outwear as well as wallets and fashion accessories. It is very confusing to distinguish between the different types of leathers. It is safe to say that the different types of leather available in the market have transformed the way people dress.

Benefits of Goat Leather

Goat leather is an unsung hero of the leather world which is both fine and soft but also strong and long-lasting. Many of the benefits of goatskin come from the fact that goats are incredibly hardy animals that can survive in any harsh climates. Goatskin contains some natural oils in it, this makes it supple while also having tensile strength. Many of the oldest surviving leather artifacts such as St Cuthbert Gospel are made from goatskin. Leatherworkers are more concerned about the qualities and performance of the leather to meet the changing trends and fashion.

What makes goatskin look different from cowhide?

A good idea to find the main difference between goatskin and cowhide is by comparing the size; goatskins are much smaller than cowhides. Obviously, size is an important factor for leatherworkers who need a large panel size for their designs. Another notable difference is the thickness, generally goatskin is much thinner compared to cowhide.  It is worth noting that a thick cowhide is going to be the best when you need rigid strength in a leather product, such as a handle or strap.

Bonded leather

The phrase bonded leather will come up often when you look at leather options. Bonded leather may sound like a strong version of genuine leather, but the fact is that bonded leathers are made by mixing shredded leather fibers with other fibers. It is often difficult to differentiate between bonded leather and genuine leather once it is embossed with leather patterns. However, over time the performance is often inferior with flaking and peeling likely.

The major difference between goatskin and Lambskin

Goatskin leather offers rugged qualities and is much stronger when compared to lambskin leather. However, when you consider flexibility both goatskin and lambskin leather are somewhat similar. Furthermore, goatskin offers much more insulation qualities and is much heavier than lambskin. Lambskin is a much better option than goatskin as far as softness and suppleness go.

Final thoughts

When it comes to fashion, goatskin leather is different from most of the other leather products as it gives finishing to the product in a very natural way. There are a number of differences between goatskin leather and other types of leather. But, it is worth saying that goatskin leather deserves much more attention than it currently gets in the mainstream.

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