How To Clean Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne?


When it comes to fulfilling the dream of building a home many factors are to be considered. As an owner, you need to choose the right and qualitative materials for construction. Similarly, while choosing tiles, it is good to prefer porcelain as the tile is easy to maintain and worth investment. Nevertheless, Porcelain Glossy finish Melbourne has no VOC emission and so it won’t affect the environment. Glossy tiles also make the place brighter in appearance. Although the maintenance of this tile is easy, many follow the wrong methods causing damages to it. To know the steps to avoid and the right method to clean porcelain tiles, scroll and read the content.

Methods To Avoid In Cleaning

  • Try to avoid cleaning the tile with ammonia or cleaners that have strong acid contents. Using such cleaners may fade or alter the color of the tiles.
  • Avoid using steel wool pads on the porcelain. It may loose steel particles while cleaning leading to rust formation on the ground.
  • Avoid cleaning the area using the hard bristles as it can reduce the lifespan of tiles.
  • Do not use oil-based detergent or wax-cleaner on the tile.
  • Consider laying rugs outdoors to avoid the stain or dirt on the grout.

Steps For Cleaning Porcelain Glossy finish Melbourne

After tiling your home with porcelain, follow these steps to maintain the appealing and glossy look of tiles.

  • Clean The Dust And Loose Dirt: The first and foremost step you need to follow is to just gently sweep the dust and other loose dirt from the ground. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Another way to clean the dust particles is by using a dry mop.
  • Mop The Area: Once you have made sure that the dirt particles are fully or about 80% removed, mop the area. Dilute a mild cleaning agent in the water for mopping the area. Prefer the detergent or floor cleaning liquid with a low level of acid content. The ideal level of dilution concentration is 1%. So, while concentrating the liquid take care to dilute in the prescribed amount.
  • Clean The Stains: While cleaning the floor, try to wipe out the maximum stains. Although these tiles do not easily get stick to stains if messes linger over a period of time may affect the shade of tiles. So, remove the grit as much as possible to maintain the glossy touch.
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  • Deep Clean The Stubborn Grime: After cleaning the tiles, still if you spot any area with rough grime, use vinegar with water. Add 1/4th cup of vinegar powder in a gallon of warm water. Use it on the area on tough stains and remove it. If you don’t find any area with strong grit, you can avoid this step.
  • Rinse The Area: Once you have completed these steps, mop the area completely only with water. Ensure that no places are left behind while rinsing especially the area whether solutions are used to clean the stubborn dirt.
  • Allow To Dry: The last step is to allow the place to dry. You can clean with a dirt-free cloth or else you can wait to get the tiles dried in a natural way. Just inspect the area once after drying to ensure that no places are left unnoticed. Also, it will help in knowing whether there is water in any of the areas. If you spot any place with a higher level of water, clean it by yourself to avoid slipping.

By following these simple steps you can easily maintain the beautiful look of porcelain tiles.

Closing Lines

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