How to Use Apple’s New Translate App on iPhone


Though the Android phone has lots of benefits and is available with the least cost, the trend of the iPhone has never decreased among people all over the world. There are lots of features in the iOS mobiles, and some have to be understood to use them effectively. One of the most significant features that you should know is the apple translate app. Here are the steps and guidelines that you should know about the apple’s new iPhone app.

Know the language that is supported

During the launch, the old models supported only particular languages. Now, almost 11 languages are supported like Chinese, English, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, and Korean. So, if you are translating within these platforms, it is a possible and easy process.

Find the apple translating app.

You may not know whether the translation app is installed on the mobile phone or not. So, you need to install or find it out.

  • Drag down the top of the phone, and this will open the screen that contains several features.
  • Start typing in the translating option. As you type, you can find the translate app icon, and this will appear in the screen

Now, you need to start using it. You can translate the app in the portrait of the landscape mode. You can find the different modes based and choose the right one based on your needs. When you are looking for portrait mode, the display will be split into two different sections, and the upper section will show the current language where you are translating between the phrases.

The bottom section is the places where you can tap to enter the more text or access the microphone to hear the translation louder. When you are using the landscape mode, it will focus on the microphone, and it means that the input text has some attention that you may prefer it for having the conversation with the others.

The process of translating

  • They will get open with the first language.
  • Choose the second language
  • Now, you can enter the text that you are willing to translate. You can either press and hold the iPhone in the portrait mode and type the text you need to translate in the targeted language. Else, you can also see the mic skip and press it.
  • When you have finished typing, you can tap on the tap go
  • You will see the phrase and the equivalent phrase in the other languages.
  • If you want to type in another phrase then you can tap it and enter on the text that can be typed in the next phrase.
  • Alternatively, you can also see the mic icon to enter the phrase you are willing to translate. Click on the mic icon and listen to the translated phrase.
  • If you want to rephrase the phrase, click on the play sound.
  • To show to the other person, you can click on the expand icon on the left button.

In this way, you can use the iPhone for translating the phrase to the targeted language.

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