Know About SEO And Digital Marketing


SEO is a collection of tools and best practices that could help your website rank higher in search engine results. This could result in driving more traffic to your website and an increase in business. You could add relevant keywords to your SEO strategy that would help in building your business. Digital marketing is creating an online presence of the business on all digital platforms and social media.  However, if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Consultant  Sydney, check out Blurn, that can provide various SEO and Digital marketing related services so that you can focus more on the business aspect and they could make you the authority online in your genre of business.

SEO & Digital Marketing – The Difference?

  • SEO is one of the Tools of Digital Marketing: SEO and Digital marketing have a major difference and that is SEO being one of the tools of digital marketing. If you need to start marketing for your website, you should begin it with SEO. A website that is well-optimised or search engines can provide a good foundation for all other marketing activities.
  • Free Organic Traffic, SEO Vs Digital Marketing and Paid Traffic: The second difference is how the website gets traffic. SEO helps in making the website appear on the highest positions in search engines for certain keywords. The higher the page is positioned; the higher organic traffic the brand gets. Digital marketing focuses most on paid traffic and makes use of PPC advertising and other marketing tools based on the company’s budget.
  • Cost for SEO & Digital Marketing: Another difference you could find between digital marketing and SEO is when it comes to financing. If the website is properly optimised, it would appear on the top position in search engine results and when it comes to organic traffic, it (unpaid traffic) would increase. The other expense is to just pay an SEO specialist for the work. However, for digital marketing, the PPC ad requires an investment but once the investment in ads stops, you won’t get any results.

Elements to Consider When Planning an SEO Strategy

  • Target Market: SEO is not about gaining a lot of traffic directed towards your website. It should attract high-value visitors who would be interested in the products and services that are being offered. Check what you might be looking for and how they perform when it comes to web searches and the location of the brand. If you have more specific answers, you could invest well in SEO.
  • Smartphone Searches are on the Rise: Statistics of recent days show that the online market has become mobile phone friendly as most people make use of their smartphones to look for what they need. Hence optimising websites for mobile browsers is critical if you would like to rank well in search engine result pages.
  • Search Engines Keep Expanding: Various search engines are prevalent on the internet. However, a handful of them are only popular among people. Do make sure that the less popular search engines also show the ranking of your website. Mere improving social media engagement and adding meta tags might make you rank higher in less popular search engines as well.
  • Focus on the Needs of Target Audience: An average user, sometime back, didn’t trust search engines to understand conversational questions. They used to search in phrases. Nowadays, people type a whole question. The searcher habits also keep changing but it can affect the keywords that are more valuable for the website. Rather than focusing on keywords that get more traffic, you should also focus on those that translate into conversions, profits and revenue.
  • User-Friendly and High-Quality Content: User-friendly websites with easy and interesting information would attract people and increase traffic. Each page would require keyword themes and unique content so that the search engines can easily index your website and rank you higher. Positive behaviours from site visitors can be good for a higher ranking. Hence, keep the content natural and focused. Avoid keyword stuffing and keep the users happy by avoiding repetitions of content.
  • Links to Your Website can be Valuable: When another website links to your website, search engines consider that your website contains valuable content. However, getting dozens of links from low-quality sites might not be the solution. The value of a link to your website would depend on the quality of the website that is linked to you. If you have few links to the business from high-traffic websites, it might do wonders in your ranking. You can check out Blurn if you need help with local SEO, Link Building, Digital marketing and all related services.
  • Social Media is Crucial: Social media keeps evolving and has changed from a basic communication platform to a highly profitable marketing channel. Many users search on social media and make their way to business sites and search engines. Social media allows you to remain engaged, share updates and personalised content to attract more people to the profile and website.
  • Track SEO Goals: Monitoring and ranking on search engines are important to gain better results. Start by tracking the most important website metrics to set a baseline for the performance. You could make small content changes and see the boost gained in site traffic or rankings. You could avoid making various unrelated changes so that you could keep a track of the performance and see how it gets improved over time.

Beyond it, various marketing strategies could indirectly affect the website rankings like email marketing and PPC advertising. Most successful brands integrate all their campaigns to make sure that something is pushing their lead one step closer to converting a customer.

You could reach out to Blurn SEO Agency in Melbourne as they have experienced experts who could do research and develop an apt and customised SEO strategy just for the brand so that the brand turns into an authoritative one on search engines.

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