List The Heart-Stealing Wedding Photography Styles

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Seeking a most reliable Wedding Photography Melbourne expert? First of all, delve into the important details to make stylistic decisions. From dresses to decor, style preferences vary from couple to couple. In that case, opt for the one that fits your needs so that you are able to reach out the potential photographers. Find someone who really works hard to deliver the best result that you want.

Today, people explore the finest wedding photo styles from fine art to dark and moody images. Try to know a little more about it to go with the perfect one. Alright, let’s take a look at them to get the best one for your big day.

Different Wedding Photography Styles

Before looking for a Wedding Photography Melbourne professional, read a few things about the different styles. Beyond the styles like landscape, black and white, film, and editorials, a few other impressive styles are there. They are given in this blog post. Check out them.

Fine Art 

In these days, Fine Art wedding photography has become a buzz in the wedding industry. More and more people enjoy this style and make it trending.  This is most commonly associated with film, and it has become more of a hybrid these days. If you wanna a softer, delicate, and cleaner look than straight digital, go with this Bridal Photography.

Fine Art actually goes with the bright and airy style. Your wedding will feel like, well, an ethereal piece of art. That is why it is often a must-have for couples getting married.

Aerial & Dark And Moody 

Sure, no one else loves the entire wedding day captured through aerial photography. But try to believe getting this from well-versed photographers works well for all the photo sessions. If coming to dark and moody photography, mainly focuses on capturing the couple with shadows or harsh lines. It creates unusual and creative patterns or lighting. It includes dark editing and dark shooting. Over the last few years, many couples gravitated to this style.


Journalistic wedding photography is a method of treating your big day as a real-time event. It aims to capture the moment-by-moment story in a candid as well as in an observational way. The job of a photographer is to tell a beautiful story without altering or influencing it. However, many professionals use a journalist style, which will offer traditional posed shots. And the majority of the rest of the shots will be taken on the fly. There is no doubt your wedding photos will be a realistic representation of your day.


Traditional wedding photography is something unique that gives a classic feel to you. It has been taken around for generations. It captures the most beautiful images including group photos of your friends and family, bridal party, and more. This is an absolutely beautiful style that is clean, classic composition, straight forward color correction. Going with it ensures a classic and timeless collection of photographs.

Modern Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion wedding photography involves similar aspects of other wedding styles. This emphasis is typically on both subject and attire in which pictures will create a little more dramatic look.  Most photographers try to capture the modern look both in style and finish. They even use more of techniques in bridal, engagement, and bride & groom sessions.

 It involves similar aspects of other styles, but the emphasis is typically on the subject and attire. Thus, go with this style and remember your chosen Wedding Photography Melbourne professional expert in it.

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