Looking to get an App Developed? Here is How to Prepare For Its Success!


Businesses have been leaning upon mobile apps lately. And why not? Just look at the data pointing at the surge in the number of phone users globally. It is a phenomenal 6.3 billion. Too much potential and opportunity for businesses to capitalize upon. This is the reason that companies now are trying every means of getting a clear competitive edge, be it, says Blurn Facebook, Insta, Email marketing, SEO, websites, and even apps. Companies now are looking for Android and iPhone apps development.

Having a mobile application for a business offers it an arm’s length competitive advantage. But, not all get it right. Why? Because they fail to strategize before getting an app developed. Thus, here is a brief about what you must look for before getting android or IOS app developed for your business!

Things to do before getting a mobile app developed!

It is a great step to plan for a mobile application for a business. After all, it serves a huge competitive edge over others. Consider it like giving home delivery services for free in the 1960s when others did not. But sometimes a mobile app might easily fail to serve its purpose and lead to losses. What can you do to ensure that your business mobile application sees success soon?

Never forget to plan an app!

Planning is something that can serve any business a ticket to great success. Plan well and you can cherish that fine glass of red wine before the soothing sunset in Maldives later on.

When it comes to Android and iPhone apps development, a well planned development can signify its success in the market, says Blurn (Facebook). What are the few things that you can think of and write down beforehand?

  • What features will your business require to be in an app? For example, it might have the need for an API, eCart, or live streaming, etc.
  • Which platform will you be launching your app in? This is something that you must pay attention to very well. Know your audience and know what device they use. If a majority of your audience use android then there is no use getting an app developed for the IOS platform. It only will cost you a good fortune.
  • How much resources will you require? It will depend on how many customers you already have + how many customers are you planning to have. If it will leap the number the app server is able to handle, the app will keep on crashing.
  • The language it must be in. If you have customers from multiple languages, you might want to create an app with multi language support.

Furthermore, do some brainstorming to think about the factors that can later on impact your business flow. Then, once you are over this step, it is time to do the market research to plan further!

Do a deep market research!

Market research is something that, if done the right way, can boost the success of a business tens of times. When it comes to a website or an application, the right amount of research can help you make your website or app far more impactful. This can lead to a higher lead conversion rate.

What could be a part of market research for an app or website?

  • Learn about the demographic behavior of the area you want to target. Try knowing about
    • what are their eating habits (if your business comes under food industry),
    • what color they prefer,
    • at what time are they most active
    • the population divided into different age groups
    • the financial state of the demograph
    • the buying habits
  • Learn more about your competitors.
    • Who are your competitors?
    • What are they offering?
    • Know about your strengths that you need to capitalize upon and what weaknesses do you need to tackle?
    • And what market areas are not getting targeted by competitors?
  • Learn more about the ongoing trends.
    • Know if there is any ongoing market trend that can either benefit or harm your marketing campaign.
    • Know the current conditions of the market with relation to the business goals. For example, if a natural tragedy has recently occurred, you’d not want to sell those people your product. It is plainly immoral.

Design the app according to the planning and research!

Now it comes down to the designing part. The first step must be to design the user interface of the mobile application, says Blurn (Facebook). Make sure that the User Interface is simple and clear in terms of usage. You’d not want to confuse your consumers and infuse frustration in their veins. No! Focus on providing a clean user experience such that they are coming back to your app again and again.

Then, decide about what colors would you want to use in your app. Usually companies get their Android or iPhone apps development done through web design and development companies. These companies take over everything from usage to aesthetics to development and marketing of the app. All you need to do is to look for a good web design and development company.

Furthermore, Android and iPhone apps need to be optimized according to ASO (App Store Optimization). This optimization helps these apps getting crawled and read by app store algorithms. Such that when people are looking for a similar app, the store algorithms know that there is such an app and thus suggest your app to them. It is a technical field and should better be left for the experts. You might harm your business in urge to operate and guide it by yourself.

These are all the crucial steps that one must follow to ensure the success of their mobile and business. it is important to capitalize on the slightest of the opportunities that are there in the market in this too-competitive digital world.

If you are planning to get an app developed, check out Blurn (Facebook) which is an expert Android and iPhone apps Development Company. Get the free consultation that they offer and discuss your needs with them.

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