Our Top Tips for Building & Displaying the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer


No Star Wars LEGO collection is complete without the LEGO 75252, otherwise known as the Imperial Star Destroyer. The LEGO Star Destroyer is a must-have piece for every Star Wars fan who wants an iconic addition to their Star Wars LEGO universe. If you’re looking for the best tips for how to build and display your LEGO Destroyer, read on!

All About The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer: From A-Z

Hottest Features

The LEGO Star Destroyer is one of the most intricate sets of LEGO merchandise for fans of the Star Wars saga. The accuracy with which this Ultimate Collector Series captures all the authentic details of the original star ship — as seen in the movies — makes it a collectible to die for! These are just some of its many killer features:

  • TheLEGO Destroyer comes with 4,784 pieces.
  • It has detailed attachments such as swivelling guns, a tilting radar dish, large engine exhausts and complex surface detailing.
  • It comes with twoextra blaster pistol weapons, plus an Imperial Officer and Imperial Crewmember minifigures to add some fun characters to the set.
  • It also comes with an attachable and buildable scale version of the TantiveIV starship. This add-on is sure to add extra flair to the set and create a more authentic Star Wars: A New Hope
  • It comes with a display stand complete with an informational fact plaque to create the ultimate display piece.

Where Does the Imperial Star Destroyer Appear in the Star Wars Universe?

The Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the most iconic ships, depicting the might of the great Imperial Empire. The Star Destroyer appears for the very first time in the first movie of the franchise: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). We see the iconic Star Destroyer, helmed by Darth Vader, in pursuit of the CR90 Corvette carrying Princess Leia. The Imperial Star Destroyers were the chief warships of the Imperial Navy and have made several appearances in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983). Though it is more heavily featured in the first trilogy, the Imperial Star Destroyer has subsequently made several appearances in the other films of the franchise, even in the form of shipwrecks seen in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015).

Is the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Retiring?

The LEGO 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is one of many major Star Wars sets retiring in 2022. This news is quite disheartening for many Star Wars fans who haven’t yet had the chance to buy the iconic piece for themselves. Though the official retirement date can and may change at any time, there is no guarantee that the Imperial Destroyer LEGO set will stay on shelves past 2022 or early 2023. So, make sure to grab your set ASAP!

How Long Does It Take to Build LEGO 75252?

On average, builders take around 20 hours, give or take, to build the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer. However, due to the sheer size and intricacy of the model, even experienced LEGO builders can take up to 2 weeks to finish building this set. The build-time alone can overwhelm some novice builders. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which you can shorten the build-time and still have loads of fun in the process!

Setting Up for a Successful Build & a Stellar Star Destroyer

As the LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer is a set with almost over 5,000 pieces, it can be quite overwhelming to start assembling the model. To guarantee a successful build, try some of the following tips:

Clear a Space

Make sure you have enough room to work. It is extremely difficult to work in a cluttered area and you’ll be more prone to misplacing bricks or small parts. Set out a big empty space on the floor or pick a separate room with enough space to assemble your model. 

Organise Brick Storage

Most of the time, builders tend to finish the piece faster when they have properly organised the bricks ahead of time. Group tiles and bricks according to size, shape, or colour, whatever works best for you. An easy way to keep track of your bricks is to store them in containers. Similarly, do not open a pack of bricks until you need to use it. This way, you’ll be aware of where your bricks are, especially if you need to pause building halfway through. The more organised you are, the quicker you will be able to work.

Create an Atmosphere As You’re Building

A great way to help you get in the mood for building your Imperial Star Destroyer is to play some Star Wars music. Not only will it make the process more fun, but it will help increase your productivity and get you more immersed in the process.

Displaying Your Creation

Now that you’ve done all the hard work and finally assembled your model, the next order of business is to figure out how exactly to display the piece. Below are some fun tips on how you can go about this.

Create a Custom LEGO Wall

If you are an avid LEGO builder or if you plan to grow your LEGO collection, a good way to display your creations would be to create a feature LEGO wall. Simply set aside a wall, whether it’s in your bedroom or a spare room, and put up some spaced-out shelves where you can display all your creations. A fun way to display your LEGO Star Destroyer on the wall would be to place a few rebel ships or surrounding shelves and put up some galaxy or space-themed wallpaper for some added pizzazz.

Use Creative Display Boxes

Large-scale LEGO models are most impressive when displayed in a creative and grand manner, not while sitting in the corner and collecting dust. Glass display cabinets are one way to go but not everyone has access to them. In cases like this, get creative and use what is at hand. For instance, you can convert a wardrobe or bookshelf into a display cabinet of your own. Just replace the doors with glass plates and create your own display box fit for an exhibition!

Remember, Angles Are Everything

Most LEGO sets are miniature worlds. So, these worlds look a lot better when seen from above as you get a bird’s eye view of everything in one go. Pieces like the LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer are most visually appealing when in flight mode. Achieve this illusion, try displaying the spaceship at a 45-degree angle and position smaller ships around the vicinity to build on the scene. You can also make use of mirrors behind the set to highlight details without moving your piece.

Let There Be Light

Clever lighting can take your display to a whole new level. Make use of LED strip lights behind the piece to add extra depth. You can even set the lights to change colour periodically to add more drama and flair. For fans who like to go the extra mile, use background sounds, and coordinate the lights to set an authentic and immersive theme.

World-Building for the Win!

LEGO displays do great as standalone pieces. However, creating a world or a scene for your piece can elevate the display tenfold. For instance, a LEGO Destroyer will look even more authentic if accompanied by an Imperial base with little supporting characters. Add other models and memorabilia to your set for more realism. The fun part about this is that there are no fixed rules. Each display can be custom-made to reflect your own artistic vision, so remember to have fun with it and get creative!

Where to Shop for LEGO Star Wars & More

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