Points That Should Be Checked in Your Second-hand Car Servicing


When you buy a new car, it is completely built from the factory and is delivered to you with 0kms driven on ignition. Such cars have factory lubricants, and the mechanical parts haven’t operated even once. So, when you drive the car after purchasing it from the showroom, the mechanical parts go for initial wear and tear during the first month. And the lubricant consumption also increases as the car heats up more often in the first month. Therefore, the first car servicing in Melbourne is suggested in 1000kms or within the first month of car purchase. But that is not the case with second-hand or pre-owned cars!

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They are already driven for thousands of miles or km, which wears most of their engine parts. People who cannot afford new cars tend to prefer the pre-owned ones to save some money. In the process, they need the initial second-hand car servicing before you can throttle the pedal and use it without concerns.

So, what are the points covered within the immediate servicing of your pre-owned car? Do you need to head out to google and search for ‘mechanic workshop near me, to get the service job, or does the brand make arrangements for home pickup of the vehicle? This article is about to give you all of those answers!

Do you Need to Call a Mechanic Workshop for the Immediate Service of your Pre-Owned Car?

You don’t need to call any third-party or private mechanic or approach any random name that appears over your ‘mechanic workshop near me’ search result page for the new car’s service. All you need to do is talk to the manufacturing company of your car, and they will take responsibility for your car completely for the first few free service durations.

But, when it is about the pre-owned cars, the free services are all drained out! So, if you approach the company for immediate service, they will charge you a very hefty price. Therefore, it is important that you understand the urge at the moment and prefer going to the top mechanic workshops that offer car servicing in Melbourne. They will give you optimal service just like the manufacturers would have! So, look for the best options out there.

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What Gets Checked in the First Servicing of your Car?

Just like a new car, the pre-owned ones will also be checked for the same points at first. The prime diagnosis points for the car will be:

  • Fluids
  • Filters
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Personal concerns
  • Vibration symptoms
  • Accessory installation or removal

Apart from that, if the pre-owned cars have scratches or dents, the workshops would also fix them at nominal charges. If you feel like there are some electrical or mechanical problems within the vehicle, you need to get it noted in the personal concern section while the mechanic asks you for it.

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These are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are buying a pre-owned vehicle. It is advisable that you get it serviced without delay, as the existing problems might just escalate to increase the repair expenses. And then, the money you saved by avoiding the purchase of a new car will all be lost in the repair expenses. So, don’t let it happen.

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