Promote Your Brand with Custom Coffee Mugs


It can be a daunting task to introduce potential customers to your business. Often, selling and promoting your products too directly can cause people to instinctively turn away. TO do promotion subtly, while also being useful to your prospective customers is the most approachable way to undertake marketing. Customised promotional coffee mugs are still an effective and popular promotional item that has many benefits, as outlined below.

Value to Customers

Mugs are a popular promotion item often seen at workplaces, schools, universities, and homes, and are valued for their lasting reusability. Not only can they be used every day for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, but they can also be used to double as pen holders, flowerpots or decorative mementoes.

As a bonus, the better the mug is made, the more positive it will be in the minds of those who own the mug. In short, the better made and well designed the mugs are, the more memorable they will be to market your business.


Customised mugs are cost-effective as they have a low production cost and can be personalised to reflect your brand. They also have additional benefits of being something that can be used in day-to-day life. So, if you find you have a surplus, you can still use the items you have ordered.

Expand Your Reach

Customised mugs are a promotional product that continues reaching prospects for years to come, rendering your brand an ever-present staple. When you think about it, you may have the mugs available as a gift to people who attend a conference your brand is hosting. The people who take the mug home may keep them or may gift them onwards, increasing the overall number of people who are exposed to your brand, from something as simple as a mug. Your mug will eventually act as a business card of sorts, introducing your company to consumers in a fun and useful manner.

Design Recognition

Customers have very few reasons to turn down free giveaway mugs, so your promotional message can slip seamlessly into potential customer’s minds, and give them further reason to look into your business and what it does. To do this effectively, you have to put a lot of attention into the design. We think it’s best to align the mug with your business. If you’re a sports or athletics-related business, sports mugs for hiking or drink bottles may work for you. If you’re an office-based brand, you may want a mug people can use in the office for tea or coffee. You may even want travel mugs, great for people on the go.

Once you have a great design, using your logo and brand colours to really be brand-oriented can be the best way to market yourself effectively, and make sure your brand is instantly recognised.

The Verdict

When it comes to subtly, yet approachably marketing your brand, customised promotional mugs are a no-brainer. They provide marketing value, are of low production cost and can have strong referral value. Make sure to choose a good distributor, with a lot of variation and style for you to find something that really suits your brand. Pls check

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