Reasons Why people Love Custom Promotional Water Bottles


You might have decided to brand the company and use many marketing strategies for the purpose. You might have also opted for customised promotional drink bottles, Australia for the purpose. Other than making use of drink bottles, you could opt for stubby coolers and even the best lanyards from Simply Merchandise as they have a wide collection of promotional products which could be customised and used by various brands and businesses.

Speaking of water bottles, find out some of the reasons to get the customers hooked to customised water bottles.

Continuous Exposure to your Brand

Do you remember how many glasses of water you might drink a day? Maybe not as you can’t keep a track of it. However, if you use customised water bottles could help you keep a track of the amount of water you consume. When a company gifts such water bottles with their logo, name and information, the receiver is continuously exposed to the brand name, tag line and so on. The same product is being used multiple times a day and other people are also seeing the same product. The bottles could be taken anywhere and that would attract the attention of more people. This would provide more brand exposure.


Caring about customers as well as the environment is a goal all companies should adopt. By choosing such products, you convey the message that the company cares about the environment. Promoting water bottles could be contributing to reducing the use of single-use water bottles. The custom promotional bottles are eco-friendly as they are made of reusable materials. The product could also be recycled. Making use of eco-friendly products like water bottles would boost the 3-R principle of sustainability namely reuse, reduce and recycle.

Serves many purposes & has a variety

Water bottles are one of the most used everyday items as people drink water multiple times a day. They are used in schools, offices, corporate events and so on. Based on the target audience, the company could employ a promotion strategy. The bottles could be common with toddlers, school kids, employees in offices and so on. Even gym goers make use of such water bottles.


When compared to single-use plastic bottles, the customised bottles could be durable. Usually, the water is consumed and the bottle is thrown away in the case of single-use bottles. With customised water bottles, it could be refilled and taken to anywhere it is needed. It would stay with you for a longer period and unknowingly, you become loyal to the brand and prefer to opt for their products or services.

Accessible & Affordable

Many companies employ huge and expensive products to be used as their marketing tool. When you think from a customer’s perspective, you might provide something useful and long-lasting. Personalised bottles are one of the most used products. They are affordable and accessible. It doesn’t take much investment. It could be ready in no time with the style or design that is preferred. They are also portable and could be taken anywhere with ease without worrying about damage. Promotional water bottles are more affordable and accessible and many clients are attracted to the same. A product that attracts a huge number of customers would be better for promoting your company. Hence, making use of such products would provide increased visibility when compared to other traditional business marketing models.

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