Sleep Apnoea Melbourne – Diagnosis And Effective Treatment


Sleep Apnoea is an illness where a person stops their breathing for a long period or insufficiently breathes at the time of sleep. If this situation of sleep Apnoea is left untreated, it can result in the interrupted sleep, fatigue or more severe issues related to high blood pressure, heart diseases or depression. Though snoring can be a symptom of sleep Apnoea, it should be overlooked if other similar health problems develop and increase.

At Sleep Apnoea Melbourne, you will get comprehensive treatment and accurate diagnosis and ensure you get relief from the various causes and symptoms of sleep Apnoea and snoring.

Common symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

The sleep of your partner and you are greatly affected by snoring. It has a great impact on your ability to work during the daytime as you cannot sleep the whole night. Snoring can further lead to much more complicated health conditions like obstructive sleep Apnoea. It is usually caused due to the obstruction of the upper airway and can lead to more serious major health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. Apnoea is likely a stage where you cannot get good quality sleep, and the best source of information of the common symptoms of sleep Apnoea is your partner or family member.

Many other symptoms of sleep Apnoea are:

  • Feeling sleeplessness or fatigue in the daytime.
  • Restless or uncomfortable sleep
  • Waking up regularly throughout the night
  • Feeling of short thirst breath
  • Tired upon waking up
  • Whole night, you kept tossing and turning in bed
  • Habit of grinding your teeth at night
  • Early morning headache after waking up

Causes of Sleep Apnoea

The main cause of sleep Apnoea is an obstruction in the throat at the time of sleep. In the case of sleep Apnoea, our muscles relax too much or in the wrong way that causes the soft tissue around the neck area to collapse and further block the path of airways. This particular activity of relaxing your muscles is the worst when your lower jaw is quite small and usually held back. The factor that further puts pressure on your airways is the poor posture relating to the forward head position, which can affect the throat muscles to force your back. Secondly, sleep Apnoea and snoring can also come from the obstruction of the nose and the base of the tongue. All these causes must be diagnosed and analyzed with detailed examination to treat sleep Apnoea for effective treatment.

Treatment Of Sleep Apnoea in Melbourne

We ensure to provide highly effective Sleep Apnoea treatment by improving the position of the jaw, head and neck. It further helps to reduce the pressure on the path of the airways and make it obstruction-free. The highly skilled dentist Melbourne ensures that the airways from the nose to the throat are clear and the diaphragm is functioning to its optimum. It further helps attain the body’s physiological balance and enhance your sleep through sleep apnoea treatment.

Sleep Apnoea is highly positive in overweight persons. It is vital to losing weight to the maximum sleep Apnoea is reduced or seen less to happen. Patients should avoid consuming alcohol and medicine like sleep pills that make the airway collapse during sleep and cause sleep Apnoea. In most cases, the sleep Apnoea, the breathing pause is seen when they sleep on their backs. So to avoid such issues, you should use a wedge pillow or other things that will help them sleep in a side position. Patients with sinus problems should use nasal sprays to improve the airflow easily at bedtime, which helps to relax and reduce snoring.

Therefore you should not delay your Sleep Apnoea treatment and consult expert doctors to overcome the issue at the earliest before it becomes the worst nightmare. Fortunately, it is easy to treat by an expert specialist.


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