Some frequently asked questions about numbing cream


Recently the popularity of numbing cream has increased a lot. It has been used in various applications, including getting a tattoo, minor surgery, laser hair removals, and others. But often, people feel confused while choosing a numbing cream as there are so many questions arise. If you want to choose the best numbing cream for face or for the skin, this blog will help you figure out some tricky answers regarding the numbing cream.

best numbing cream for face

Who can use the numbing cream?

Most adults and children can use the numbing cream, and it is suitable for most people. But in some cases, you should avoid it, such as

  • If you had an allergy to any numbing cream or ingredients
  • If the area where you want to apply have cuts or rashes
  • If your child has some rare conditions

When and how to use it?

the benefits of numbing cream won’t work if you don’t know how to use it. When you buy a cream, the doctor will give you a prescription and instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions always. If you are going through any minor surgery, then use the cream for one hour. If the procedure gets delayed, the effect of the numbing cream wears off, and then you need to ask your doctor before using more cream. If you are having a cosmetic procedure, then do let the dermatologist know about applying the numbing cream.

How much cream to use?

The amount you need to use depends on the procedure and the type of cream you are using. You will find the instruction written on the back of the cream and from there follow the advice. You should never apply more than the required amount of cream in one place. Some creams have high concentrations and applying them more can result in side effects.

numbing cream for face

How to apply the cream?

  • To apply the cream, you need to wear waterproof gloves first. It will prevent the cream from sticking in the unwanted area.
  • After that, gently squeeze the tube and apply the cream to the treated area.
  • Try to cover the area with a waterproof cover so that it stays in one place.
  • After applying the cream, remove the gloves and wash your hands with hand wash.
  • When you are about to have the treatment, remove the dressing and wipe off the area with a tissue.

How to take safety precautions?

The primary goal of the numbing cream is to numb the treated area. But you need to maintain a safety profile as well. For that, you need to buy the best numbing cream for face or skin. The best cream is always safe to use, and they have a number of concentration levels. FDA recommends using a numbing cream that is effective as well as doesn’t pose any health risk.

You should only apply enough amount to get the job done.

  • You need to use a cream with an API concentration level that is enough to be effective.
  • The FDA advice not to use a cream that has a higher 5% API concentration
  • If you want to use a highly concentrated cream, then a doctor should closely monitor your heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure.
  • When buying numbing cream for face, you should pay attention to the packaging of the cream,
  • If the cream is packaged in multi-use jars, then it carries the risk of cross-contamination. When contamination happens, you will be at risk of serious health problems.
  • You should buy a cream that is produced in FDA approved Facility and have approved by FDA.

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