Things That You Might Not Be Aware Of Stubby Holders


You might probably know very well how stubby holders are used in Australia. They are popular among people who carry out business, clients, customers and almost all people who might be related to a brand. If you plan to order promotional drink bottles  Australia, you could find various organisations that could take in a bulk order and provide customized stubby coolers just like needed. Have a look at some facts which you never knew about stubby coolers so that you could flaunt your knowledge and impress your mates!

They prevent conduction

Many people believe that stubby coolers are designed to keep your hands from turning cold or stopping your hands from warming up your drink. Stubbies keep the drink cold as they have insulation and prevent conduction effectively. Conduction is when the sun heats the drink by transferring heat through the metal can.

Aussie all the way!

Stubby originated in Australia for beer bottle designs that are fatter and shorter. There is a huge debate on who had invented the stubby holder and when. The answer would be that it was invented in Australia in 1980 by Shane Walsh. However, most believe that it was invented in the USA by Bonnie McGough in Idaho, in 1981 which was called cosy. Shane Walsh ended up creating the newer models in Australia to accommodate for fatter bottle sizes.

Made of Wetsuit Material

Stubby coolers are made of neoprene which is also what a wetsuit is made of. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber resistant to 2ater and UV rays. They are stretchy and are one of the only rubbers that could be printed on. The UV resistance possessed by neoprene makes it an ideal material for stubby coolers. It keeps the drink cold and chilled even when placed under direct sunlight.

Has Guinness World Records

Stubby coolers wouldn’t just remain as Australian icons if they do not consistently hold world records. The first world record was won in 2014 by Phil Stock in Coffs Harbour for having the largest collection of stubby holders Australia. His collection included more than 2700 different stubbies which he has been collecting for over 30 years. He keeps around 600 of them on display in his garage while the rest are in storage.

The royal connection

Stubby holders are used by everyone and used during every occasion. Prince Harry once received two stubby holders when he had arrived in Australia for his royal tour. Now you know the royal connection, why don’t you share the fact with others close to you?!

Stubby coolers come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Stubby coolers are a thoughtful promotional gift that could be used by anyone. They are portable and keep your drink cold when you travel or when you are in the office in the middle of an important meeting. They are insulated and could easily retain the chillness of the drinks.

Next time, when you are in the pub, do not forget to share the newfound facts with your buddies and use your stubby cooler to keep your drinks cool!

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