Tips for Buying Incontinence Pads


Incontinence pads have slowly started to become a necessity for elderly people and senior adults who are suffering from continence issues. While this was not the case even in the last decade, the comfort and convenience of using incontinence products and the confidence that it instils in senior adults have made them a popular choice, especially among men. However, many first-time, and even some repeat buyers, have little to no knowledge about which incontinence pads to choose for elderly people in their homes. This article was created with the focus of helping people learn about men pads and other incontinence products to help them purchase the best products.

Go for High-Absorbent pads

While shopping for incontinence pads, most men might not bother checking about the absorbent capacity of the pads and just buy ones that are cheaper. However, that’s not the right approach. Confidenceclub, a leading company that deals with incontinence pads for the elderly, states that it is important to check whether absorbent capacity of the pads are good enough to provide long-lasting comfort for the senior adults, especially during the night time. This will help ensure that they don’t find themselves in an embarrassing situation later, especially while at home.

Check for Size

When it comes to men’s pads and incontinence pants, a small mistake in size can lead to a big impact. Therefore, it is important to select pads that are just the right size. The best way to find the perfect fit is by taking an accurate measurement of the waist and crotch areas of the elderly person, and match it with the exact size of the pad. This will prevent any unnecessary inconvenience, or even embarrassment, later on.

If you are looking to buy men pads in Australia, you can check out Confidenceclub’s vast portfolio of continence management products that come in different sizes.

Perfect Fit

It is also very important to make sure that the incontinence product fits perfectly. If the product doesn’t have a snug fit, the risk of leakage is very high. In addition to soiling, the moisture flow in the pad can also lead to skin rashes and sores. Therefore, it is important to use pads and pants that are very tight, yet comfortable, which is a perfect combination. Incontinence products should be selected carefully so as to avoid any kind of leakage during incontinence episodes.

Pants vs Pads

Most new users fail to understand that there is a specific purpose for incontinence pants and pads and that they are not interchangeable. Incontinence pants are in diaper for old people ConfidenceClub form and are generally used in cases of medium-level incontinence. Incontinence pads or guards for men are smaller snug-fit options that are suitable for mild incontinence. While pants can be used for mild incontinence but it is not advised since incontinence pads can offer the same level, if not better, protection. Furthermore, men pads are more discreet in nature.

There you go, these are the four major tips that will help you immensely with your incontinence product shopping. If you are looking to buy men’s pads and incontinence pads for elderly, you can choose Confidenceclub, Australia’s leading continence management company. Click Here

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