Tips for Buying Slate Tiles for Your Home


If you need to transform your home look, you can use slate tile. The slate is a natural stone used for indoor and outdoor places. The design of two slate tile pieces is not the same, making it attractive and exclusive. You can buy slate tiles that perfectly suit your home design.

The slate is constructed from slate stone on muddy rocks made of volcanic ash and clay. It can bring more beauty to the flooring installation. Increase the property’s resale value by installing slates if you are planning to sell them.

Points to bear in mind while buying slate tile

If you want to buy the slate tile, you should consider essential things. The followings are some points to keep in mind while shopping for slate tiles.

  • Cost of slate 

    The slate tiles price can vary based on the quality of the material and size. The roofing contractor helps you choose the high-quality slate that suits your budget and home structure. B grade material would not provide consistent color, size, and shapes. Also, edges can break that don’t give a good result.Hiring an experienced roofer is essential to install the slate. They don’t water additional material because the expert knows how to handle roofs. Labors can cost higher than the actual material. So it is good to get quotes from different companies before installing the roof.

    Quotes include pre-installation prep work, materials, waste removal, post-installation protective sealing treatment, and more. It will help you to find the best company at an affordable price. So you can save money and time on installing the fresh slate roof.

  • How slate made up of? 

    It is essential to look out for the manufacturing process of slate. When ocean deposits get crushed and heated by the earth’s crust, Slates are metamorphic rocks.Many slate colorsare gray, and some slates come in brown, black, red, purple, green, and others. Based on the quantity and types of organic material, the color of the slate will differ.

  • Is it damage resistance? 

    If you apply to substrates, which are solid, it can withstand heavy rain, snow, and other natural disasters. The subfloor is used before installing the slate tile, reducing cracks in the slate.So the contractor applies the substrate and starts installing the slate. The waterproof membrane should be in the place if slate is used in the washroom.

  • Slate color 

    Now, you have lots of color options in the slate. You can go to the local store, see how the color looks, and collect the sample to put on the home’s floor. In addition, you need to purchase extra tiles at a rare color for future uses.According to the color state, the tile can change by various degrees. Some people will select a single color, but others will choose two or three colors. Slate material has many colors, which combine around the surface. The red color would not suit the outdoor areas because they damage due to rain.

  • Texture of slate 

    Before choosing the slate, you should look out for the texture. The slate floor is available in different textures, and gauged slate is famous. It has a straight surface, which aids bond tiles more systematically with grouts if installed. This type of slate tile offers an enhanced grip on the cement bedding.These questions will help you make the right decision and get ready to buy slate tiles at a reasonable price for your home. In addition, it needs less maintenance than other types of flooring materials in the market. Regular sweeping keep the title clean and also increases its lifespan.

The slate tile is resistant to cracks, damage, and scratches that make them sturdy of all. This tile can withstand heavy foot traffic to install it in indoor or outdoor areas. If you need to install new slate roofs, you can hire the certified roofer. For more detail about slate tiles, contact us today!

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