Tips For Keeping Slate Roofs In Good Condition


Do you need to renovate the historic property into the modern one? Well, you need a good renovation plan with slate roofs installation. Recently, many homeowners have preferred slate roof tiles due to their beautiful appearance. Besides, slate roofing is in high demand in the current marketplace.

Their functionality makes the home extremely elegant and stands out from the rest. According to the home’s exterior paint, you can pick the right colour, design, and shape of a slate roof. It not only adds extra beauty to your property but also increases its resale value.

But the house owner never forgets to maintain the slate roofing properly. Regular maintenance can increase slate roof tile lifespan and beauty for over a century. There are many ways to maintain slate roofing. Let’s see some slate roof maintenance tips for beginners:

Annual inspections

Inspect the slate roof annually to spot the issue and fix it initially. It is recommended to hire professional slate roof maintenance services to do annual inspections. So, the property owner can prepare the roof for the winter season. There are many reasons for regular inspection, such as

  1. It will keep the house owner away from the expensive repairs
  2. It lets them understand if any damage happens to the slate roof during the winter.

Slate maintenance consists of roof cleaning, debris and dust removal, damaged areas inspections, gutter cleaning and others. At the inspection time, make sure that there is no more foot traffic on the roof that causes serious damage. Therefore, you can utilize the ladder for examination, which is hooked on the edges securely.

Check chimney

It is essential to check the chimney to keep the water out of the property. When it maintains, the house owner might have to face the old atmosphere inside the home. In addition, it causes some issues in the roofer because it is linked with the slate roofing. The experienced roofer helps you to clean the chimney safely.

Inspect the flashing on roofs

Regularly check the flashing on the slate roof that can wear faster. Therefore, you need to replace the flashing and repair the slate roof quickly.

When replacing the flashing needs, the house owner to restore the shell under slates. So, it is good to hand over this task to the experienced roofer. Remember, not all shell materials are constructed equally. You need to pick the right sheathing, which works properly on your slate roof.

Avoid walking on the roof

While inspecting the slate roof, ensure you avoid walking on it. The slate roof tile is very thing, so it cracks because of the surface weight. Therefore, the expert must wear soft-soled shoes to walk in the middle of the roof to avoid damages.

The professional roofer can utilize the binocular to look out the roof from the ground level and identity the damage. For example, cracks or breaks in the slate roof enable the water for seeping underneath the roof, causing water damage.

Certified roof service providers can repair the damaged places as soon as possible. They know the proper method to resolve the water damage on the slate roof.

Check gutters

Gutter plays an important role in slate roof maintenance. The house owner should keep gutters clean and effective. Poor maintenance of the gutter can cause lots of damage to the property. The expert uses the right techniques to maintain the gutters and keep the water away.

Instead of maintaining the roof yourself, you can hire a professional slate roof maintenance service. They find out the issue quickly and provide a better solution that keeps your peace of mind. In addition, the professionals have years of experience and depth skills in slate roof installation, repair and maintenance.

If you are struggling with broken or cracked slates, you can hire the Top Tier Slate Roofing. They provide cost-effective slate roofing repair and maintenance services to customers. For more information about slate roofs to contact top tier slate roofing.

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