Uses of Plastic Bottle for Home Brewing Industry


Homebrewing is full of decisions. One of the biggest issues is how to fill a bottle of finished beer or wine. For years glass bottles have been the standard in home-made beer bottle solution, which was also, at some point, the only solution. But more recently, more and more people are using plastic 1 liter plastic bottle for their homemade beer.

In 2005, the first major beer company began using 1 liter plastic bottle for its factory-made beer, and others were not far behind. Now, you can find your favourite brand of beer in these durable plastic bottles at grocery stores, convenience stores and major events around the world. So, it’s no surprise that plastic bottle manufacturers will follow this trend, using plastic to make their favourite brew on a beer bottle at home. In fact, there is probably no homebrewing related website, book or forum that suggests using plastic PET bottles instead of traditional glass for your home brewing needs.

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Rise of Plastic Bottles for Beers

Why the sudden rise in popularity? The simple answer is that PET bottles are safer, less expensive, easier to reuse and much lighter than their glass counterparts. The only real advantage of glass bottles is their long-term storage capacity and aesthetic value of glass. But even the best glass bottles can break, resulting in a greasy mess of beer and dangerously shattered pieces of broken glass.

Some organizations and events do not allow glass bottles for the same reason. That is not the problem with PET bottles. It is made from strong durable polyethylene that protects your homemade beer bottle from breaking so that your beer can be stored, shipped and eaten without risk. The 1 liter plastic bottle also reduces the risk of the bottle or ‘bottle bomb’ exploding as you can easily tell when the carbonation in the bottle is increasing.

It is understandable that the fewer beer bottles you lose in your home due to accidents, the less it will cost you to replace them, but this is not the only way when choosing a household beer bottle made of plastic. These lighter bottles are often less expensive from the start. The plastic bottle manufacturer started manufacturing reused plastic bottles with simple screws on the lid, which eliminates the hassle of messing with metal lids and can be completely reused. This is good news for any homebrewer on a budget.

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Plastic Beer Bottles Are Reusable, Recyclable and Easy to Clean

Amber coloured polyethylene makes a great bottle of homemade beer in particular as it blocks harmful light, preserves the taste of your brew and provides a more authentic look. Thicker plastics allow for more pressure, so they handle the extra pressure wonderfully. Just like a soda bottle, the plastic carbonation of this handy bottle at home becomes stronger as it grows, so it’s easier to say when your boiling creates too much carbonation and too much pressure. With the capped glass version of the domestic beer bottle, you don’t have that advantage. You find it very difficult to say that when a glass of homemade beer is bottled at dangerously high-pressure levels, it becomes very easy to lose precious beer bottles, not to mention the beer you drank or the care that was taken.

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Pros of Using Plastic Bottles for Beer

Another advantage of using a PET home beer bottle is the difference in weight. Twelve-ounce glass bottles typically weigh between 250 and 280 grams, ten times more than the average PET bottle, which weighs surprisingly less than 30 grams. 250 grams doesn’t seem like much, but any homebrewer can tell you how fast it adds when you make five or six gallons at a time. If you are having your own bottled beer, or you just want a safer, less expensive option, you might want to consider trying out plastic PET home beer bottles. To know more contact Quality Blow Moulders today.

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