Violation of Religious Freedom in Iraq in 2020


Every country has its own set of rules with the religious principle. As people give more importance to the religious aspects, there are lots of factors that will affect the difference of opinion. In this case, there is something about the violation of religious freedom in Iraq currently in 2020.

As Iraq began the process of drafting the new constitution, religious freedom had still not surfaced in the administration of Bush and short listing the non-negotiable requirements of the post period of Saddam. The new draft in the constitution of Afghanistan eliminated the individual right of the freedom along with paving the way for judicial theocracy.

The administration’s response 

When enquired to the administration their response as to Iraqis will draft their own constitution. So, it is not possible to say what the outcome would be with the final product that will represent compromise between ideologies and widely varying beliefs. This is likely applauded by all the sensitive and tolerant, but Washington’s refusal to insist on the guarantees of the freedom of religion. They are also threatening to undermine it as the already difficult task of securing a completely democratic government in Iraq.

To be noncommittal about the central importance of religious freedom is to embolden the one who hopes to establish an Islamic extremist or fundamentalist state in Iraq for dealing with the issue. for Violation, the people who exist and wield influence, there is no doubt as some of the most powerful members of the Government Council drafted a blueprint for the new Iraq in December 2019. It also granted certain civil and political rights on the basis of the religious affiliation.

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As Iraq’s clergy do not follow the thing in Iran for office in them, they will not expect the state to conform to their fatwa on whether women can be family court judges. This will decide whether they will be a member of the constitutional assembly to be appointed or elected for the post.

People’s belief 

Some people also strongly believe that the denial of religious freedom will result in a negative impact on Christmas and other religious minorities in the country. Indeed, fear in the future, the Christian leaders in the country insisted on the constitutional guarantees of the group’s right to worship proposed by some in the administration.

On the other side, the Islamic state will also deprive the Muslims of religious freedom as they enforce blasphemy and apostasy law. The numb of the problem is that the law of Islam does not clearly differentiate with the two aspects dissenter, a heretic and the apostate. Also, this ambiguity clears the way of the state to exert power in the matter of political and religious aspects. The state of the government is clearly given in the article, “Islamic democracy”.

The remedy

So, this is the recent news about the violation of religious freedom in Iraq in the current year, 2020 amid the issues over the virus. Everyone has to come forward to compromise to stop the issue.

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