What hospitality design trends do you need to look out for in 2023?


The modern-day Hospitality Design in Melbourne is all about aligning the design elements that interest Gen-Z and Millennials. For good reasons, the new generation is driving the travel and hospitality trends more than the older generations. Hence, the dynamic structures of hospitality facilities are turning more towards trends that are paramount in creating new spaces or renovating the existing one that closely resonates with their Gen-Z guests in 2023. These unique designs are now a way of building a competitive edge over competitors. There are a plethora of ways professional hospitality design service providers can incorporate the trends that can completely shape the way consumers experience hospitality facilities. Let’s get to know how professionals can integrate sustainability practices and immersive technology to explore the trends.

Waiting lobby interior with the waiting benchs outside the examination room or office. (3d render)

· Shifting to the natural colour palette

Maybe in the earlier days, the hospitality businesses might have embraced an extravagant colour scheme with vivid hues like red and black that scream sophistication and richness. But in today’s Hospitality Design Services, businesses are leaning more towards natural colour schemes. These can involve earthy colours like brown, beige, stone and rusting hues that bring a feeling of serenity and connection to nature.

Hospitality facilities use these natural colour palettes to create a soothing and welcoming environment, making the guest feel more at home and relieving stress. Adding materials like wood on the floor, cosmic walls and green-shaded curtains are ideal designs for bringing that feeling of home. Sustainable design elements with tech-infused experience is a key trend of hospitality design in Melbourne to look out for.

· Attention to luxury while incorporating wellness

Wellness and luxury are some of the most sought-after aspects in the hospitality sector, which many hotel establishments are renovating to meet the growing demand. Hotels are no more limited to just room services. They offer customer experience by offering improved fitness, wellness areas, an infinity pool, and in-room high-tech shower and spa features. The hospitality design in Melbourne new trend to incorporate is the addition of more amenities with multifunctional spaces. The luxury trend in the wellness category also reflects on the décor and furnishings in hospitality areas. This can include natural colour schemes and organic and cosy fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, etc. All these can help create a more gen-Z-like environment.

· Art décor into modern hospitality spaces

Hospitality businesses are hiring professional hospitality design services to combine art deco design experience with modern and retro architectural structures to offer guests and visitors a unique hospitality experience. These styles are elegant and ageless, providing special assistance in the hospitality experience that brings a sense of nostalgia and history with traditional and elegant features.

Art decors can include geometric patterns like natural shapes, vivid colours, and materials like glass and chrome. Facilities can create a luxurious atmosphere by combining curves, rounded edges, sunbursts, and zigzag patterned upholstery. Moreover, you can add polished and flat surfaces to bring out machine-era characteristics. Cultural fusion in designs is a great inspiration for adding art décor.

Final words

All these trend discussions look more exciting than any older décor ideas. The hospitality sector embraces luxury and wellness while moving to natural elements for a memorable hospitality facility experience. It stands out from the ordinary and also fulfils the growing demand for sustainability. If you want to create such a memorable experience for your patrons, hire professional interior designers for a full-fledged design incorporating these ideas.

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