What Incontinence Pads to Use For Fecal Incontinence in Elderly and Adults?


Incontinence is a serious that requires proper care. But proper care is not alone to deal with this issue. One needs to practice empathy and spread awareness to deal with it in the society at large. What many people do not know is that incontinence does not limit itself to urine. People, especially elderly and those with psychological disorders, suffer from fecal incontinence too. Among the many treatments out there, one common is to use incontinence pads. Or is it not? We will guide you about it besides how to incontinence pads for elderly Australia. It is generally advised to use the best incontinence pads for elderly. But what to look for?

How to buy incontinence pads for elderly and adults?

First of all, one must know that pads are not the treatment. Many people consider pads as a way to treat. It does not treat incontinence. It only helps in dealing with the unwanted situation. There is one more thing about the usage, Pay close attention to it! Don’t overuse the incontinence pads. Why? Because they will lead to a psychological dependence and your pelvic muscles will go latent and out of use. How? The body creates motor neurons and other neural connections when we use certain part of our body. When we don’t use a part for longer enough, the neurons related to it go dormant.

Now how to buy incontinence pads for elderly (Australia)? There are several factors that one should look for. We will discuss them all one after one.

The severity of incontinence.

Whether it is urinary incontinence, keep a note of how much you urinate. Once you get an idea of the amount of fluids you release, choose the pads or pants accordingly. If the incontinence is relatively low, then you can go for pads. Pads can hold urine up to 800 ml. If the incontinence is great, try going for pants. Incontinence pants hold anywhere from 1 ltr to 2.5 ltr of urine.

  • Mild incontinence – Pads up to 700 ml capacity.
  • Severe incontinence – Pants up to 2.5 ltrs capacity.

Also, use a protector mattress if your incontinence is heavy.

Now it comes to Fecal Incontinence. This condition won’t take pads as a support. Pads do not work in the case of fecal incontinence. The best option is to go for pants. Because it is fecal, the pants must be disposable. Buy some disposable pants that help you contain the feces. If the case is of budget, then see if the person has urinary incontinence too. In most cases, the person has both. If such is the case, then we suggest using higher capacity adult nappy for such mixed incontinence. But if one does only suffer from feces, then go for a lower capacity disposable pants.

The size of pads and pants.

Now it comes to the size. One sure does think of what size to choose. The best way is to measure the waist size of the person concerned. Companies provide different containing within the same size, so you do not have to worry about the capacity. Buy incontinence pads for elderly (Australia) that have softer material and are latex free. This will make sure that the person does not go through any discomfort.

Is this all?

As about choosing the incontinence pants, this is almost all. But keep in mind that the person does not take these incontinence pads for granted. Ask the person to go use the washroom when he/she can. Studies have found that using incontinence pants all the time weakens the pelvic and sphincter muscles. This leads to a dependency and the person never learns to train their muscles. Try pelvic exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, and you will be able to gain the control back.

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