Causes for Hair Loss & Remedial Measures


Hair loss is a common thing. Though natural causes like heredity and aging contribute to hair loss, we are more concerned about the hair loss occurring through the other factors which may well be avoided or controlled through proper attention, good habits and necessary medication. Natural causative factors usually take a long time and hair loss owing to these reasons are gradual and do not happen in a drastic way resulting in sudden or early stage of a man or woman.

But hair loss happening due to poor dieting, excess hair treatments, medicine intakes, lack of care for hair and its health, stress, poor habits like late night sleeping and short-time sleeping, exposure to extreme weather conditions and humidity, skin diseases, allergies, exposure to sunlight UVA rays, cooking burner light and computer and mobile radiation, etc., is premature and as such sudden damage to your hair and scalp is caused because proper protection and care are not being undertaken on time, periodically or regularly.

Hair Loss Remedies & Hair Care

The primary remedial measures are:

  • Vitamins
  • Routine Washing & Cleansing
  • Routine Habits
  • Healthy Diet
  • Medical Treatment
  • Proper Haircare & Skincare Treatments


The key vitamins that help nourish your hair and keep it healthy are Vitamins A, B, C, E, Iron & Zinc.

Vitamin A profoundly found in dairy products, eggs, animal foods, spinach, carrot, pumpkin, etc., is vital for cell growth and helps skin glands to produce the oily substance called sebum which moisturizes your skin and keeps it healthy.

Biotin is a well-known Vitamin B component that is crucial for hair health and growth. Lack of it is proven to cause numerous hair problems. Vitamin B is richly found in greens, sea foods, whole grains and many essential food items.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant prevents free radicals from attacking and damaging your skin. Most of the fruits are natural sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D contributes significantly to hair production and can be received through sunlight, fish, cod liver oil, etc.

Vitamin E, also an antioxidant, helps grow hair better and is found abundantly in almond and avocado.

Iron is needed for multiple body functions including hair growth as it helps in the carrying of oxygen by red cells to your cells. Hair fall is also a natural fallout of iron deficiency and iron is an important component for hair health. Red meat, eggs and spinach have iron abundantly.

Zinc helps in the growth and repair of hair tissue. Beef, spinach, pumpkins seeds, etc., boast of high zinc content. 

Routine Washing & Cleansing

You have to wash your hair and head to keep it clean and get rid of dirt, grime and germs which potentially cause irritation, allergy and infection causing skin damage, swelling and skin and hair degeneration.

Routine Habits

Maintaining healthy habits like proper sleeping habits, eating habits like proper timings, bathing to reduce heat and free from dust, etc., help keep your hair healthy and strong.

Healthy Diet

That type of food that you consume matters to your overall health and hair growth. Take proper and attention to take necessary vitamins in your food or as supplements to maintain your body metabolism.

Medical Treatment

If you have vitamin deficiency or other malfunctions that directly or indirectly cause skin and hair problems, you have to undergo necessary medical treatment with proper medicines, supplements and medical care.

Proper Haircare & Skincare Treatments

You can regularly undertake haircare and skincare treatments such as Keratin Treatment, Scalp Treatment, Hot Oil Treatment, Hair Detox Treatment, Moisture Treatment and Relaxing Treatment. With your regular salon or with experts to maintain skin texture, quality, moisture and shine. Maintain your hair with hair loss shampoo, Australia.


Taking proper precautions, preventive care, medication and sanitation measures, you can hone and protect your hair. You can apply good hair care products and make your hair thick and better. Order Now.

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