Making a Custom Rubber Stamp for Your Documents & Gift Personalisation


Stamps have been a handy requirement in the everyday lives of people. It is that one significant marking that helps people to authenticate and validate any document. Stamps also portray the brands and their communication. However, besides the formal stamp use, you can also find custom rubber stamps in use at several stages. Tailored Rubber Stamps are more common in crafts, everyday life, gift personalisation, etc.

Custom Rubber Stamps

People often do pick the type of stamp or get it customised by the online stamp provider. However, do you understand that you can also develop a custom rubber stamp by yourself? Yes! It is easy to create a stamp with many design tools or handcraft it. You are in the right editorial if you wish to make your own personalised stamp. Read the entire blog to find out the steps to make personalised rubber stamps.

Rubber stamps as the best option for customizing

Rubber stamps are always the go-to option for personalizing. They are a great option if you wish to achieve a clear and crisp stamp impression. Addresses, dates, logos, and many other designs get clearly imprinted with the rubber stamp.

Types of rubber stamps that you can find

Rubber stamps come in different types, made with different designs and work. Some of the most familiar types of rubber stamps that you can find include Wood handle rubber stamps, pre-inked rubber stamps, and self-inking rubber stamps. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Wood handle rubber stamp

The wood handle rubber seals are the most traditional types of rubber stamps that you can find. These are also the most versatile classification of rubber stamps. You have only one inking option, and that is manually inking it with an ink pad. There are different types of inks that you can find for it. It includes regular inks, fabric inks, and many more. Fabric inks can also get used on the skin.

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Self-inking stamps

The self-inking stamps are the most advanced stamp options that you can find. These stamps offer you clean and the clearest impressions. The best part about these stamps is they have built-in ink pads. These ink pads self-ink themselves to create an impression on the document. One self-inking stamp can also offer you over 7000 impressions. You can also replace the ink pads to achieve more impressions.

Pre-inked stamps

The pre-inked stamps are those stamps that have ink within them. In these stamps, you can eliminate the need for flipping motion. These stamps even enable you to stamp faster other than the regular stamp. These kinds of stamps are best for creating the impression of your brand logo.

How to create your own rubber stamp?

Creating a rubber stamp is quite easy, as you need only a piece of rubber that comes engraved with a design. When you use those stamps, you have to cover the rubber part with ink and then create the impressions.

Steps to create a custom stamp

The step to create your own rubber stamp includes:

Adding text

The first step is to add the text to your rubber stamp pad. You can select your own font type and size that you want to get imprinted on any surface. Make sure that you include the cleartext.

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Adding image

If you wish your stamp impression to be a logo or an image, you can engrave the same to the pad. You can use the logo or clip art that you like.

Creating a border

The last thing that you need to do is create a border. Choose and find a border design that will best suit your custom rubber stamps.

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